15 Reasons Being A Millennial Is Actually Amazing

By Rachel Lay
2nd Feb 2017

Millenial, being a millenial

Argh, we get it already, millennials are the worst: we're totally responsible for the price of housing, the state of the economy, the environment, and also just a lack of social skills. We've heard it a million times before. Honestly. So instead of the regular millennial bashing, you're used to, we thought we'd break the mold and dedicate some solid time to talking about how much being a millennial actually rocks.

Apart from the whole world falling to sh*t thing, that is. 

  1. We actually care. Ice caps melting? We'll do something about it. 
  2. We can communicate like pros: emojis, SnapChats, Slack. We're communicating on at least three different platforms at once at any given time. 
  3. We're hilarious. Memes are totally our doing. Got a problem with memes? Cash us outside, how bah dah? 
  4. We know how to salute everyday heroes. The lonely fisherman? Free trip to Queensland. The security guard that caught a six at the Big Bash game? National hero. 
  5. We're healthy, and we're fit. We actually give an F about our body, and what we put into it. 
  6. We're the first generation to actually take mental health seriously. #RuOK
  7. We determine what and where's cool, because typically areas (where we should buy a house, for example) are way too expensive for us. 
  8. We're a crafty bunch, too. We can successfully order an uber home on just 1% battery after a night out. 
  9. We pick our celebs. Kimmy K? Zoella? Celebrity is a label rewarded only to the highly likeable. 
  10. We don't just work for a paycheck, we're all about finding out 'why'.
  11. We're always on hand to help set up a TV or connect you to the wifi.
  12. We speak another language; AF, lit, devo—the English language is evolving around us. 
  13. We literally changed lives with apps. How in the hell does anyone live without Instagram or UberEats? 
  14. We explore the world, and openly accept new cultures. 
  15. We're pretty much keeping the food industry alive with our foodie habits. 

So, there. Being a millennial ain't so bad after all. In fact, it's pretty fucking awesome if you ask us.

Image credit: Unsplash

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