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2 Minutes With Clare Bowditch | Woodford Folk Festival TGIF Mixtape

By Phil Swan
15th Nov 2013

We know it's getting into our favourite time of year when our Facebook feed starts filling up with 'Woodford Folk Festival' mentions.

This will be the 28th year Woodford Folk Festival has been around, and we're so stoked they continue to grace us with their top international performers and chilled vibes. One of the headliners this year is Australia's very own, Clare Bowditch. We were lucky enough to spend 2 minutes with the (multi) talented Clare this week to find out some of her musical inspirations and what mischief she'll get up to at Woodford Folk Festival this year.

TUL: You're quite the jack-of-all-trades. You're a writer, actor, singer, and activist, among other achievements! Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of? What do you consider to be your 'day job', and what's just for fun?
Ah, the creative life! Here's the truth: it's all just for fun, and it's all my day job, and it's all my favourite, depending what mood I'm in. Confusing, but makes sense at the same time.

TUL: Who do you count among your musical influences?
Everyone from Nigel Westlake and Brian Eno to Beyonce to Leonard Cohen to You Am I. I love it all. It all influences me.

TUL: Your latest album, The Winter I Chose Happiness has been very well received. Are you pleased with the reaction you've had to the album?
Writing an album on the question of happiness was one of the harder tasks I've given myself. It's opened up all sorts of interesting conversations, and brought up questions that I'm clearly not the only one asking, which in my mind means that it's done it's job as an album.

TUL: Happiness is brave concept for an album—we're used to hearing about heartache and suffering, not so much the positive messages! How does your new work compare to your early stuff?
I won't be able to answer that until I'm 65 and have a bit of perspective on the whole thing! Essentially, I'm just trying to tell stories that are true for someone, somewhere.

TUL: Which bands are you most excited to be see performing this Woodford Folk Festival?
Too much good stuff to pick! I'll be like a maniac running from stage to stage! Somewhere along the way, I'm hoping someone makes cane and wax-paper lanterns of some kind. Is that still legal?

TUL: Where's your favourite live music venue?
Under a tree: you just can't go wrong.

TUL: Where's your pick for best breakfast spot?
Are we talking breakfast burritos or…

TUL: What's your favourite indulgence?
Free time.

TUL: Where your favourite spot for a drink?
Some park somewhere, Friday night, with my best buddies and family in tow.

TUL: Who are you listening to right now?
Flyying Colours

TUL: What do you love most about your job (or jobs!)?
The people I get to work with, and the people who come to join in the fun – it's all about the people!

TUL: What's next for you?
Big Hearted Business .com (all the way).

You can catch Clare Bowditch live at Woodford Folk Festival from December 27th to January 1st. If you would like to hear a little taste of her tunes and some other artists that are on the bill this year, we've put together a little Woodford-inspired TGIF Mixtape for you below. If you like what you hear, you can get your tickets HERE.

Woodford Folk Fest 2013/14 by The Urban List on Grooveshark

Photo credit: Ku Promotions

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