21 Meals To Keep You Warm This Winter

By Catherine Blake
11th May 2016

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Winter is coming. It didn’t say exactly when it would be here, but the mercury’s been dropping lower little by little, and there have been some reports of sunny days from the northern hemisphere so it’s only a matter of time before we’re plunging into the icy grip of winter and have to put on a whole jumper.

In keen anticipation of this drastic and diabolical climate change, we’ve put together a handy compendium of Brisbane’s best meals to raise temperatures and spirits during the harsh and trying month that is winter in Queensland. It may be bleak and mightily unpleasant, but we’ve got 21 reasons to soldier through, so fetch a bib.

  1. Try your luck with the daily soup with crusty bread at Gramercy, or dive into these suckers
  2. Spaghetti from Beccofino… or any of our other favourite pasta connections.
  3. Skillet o’ shakshouka at Shouk.
  4. Okra and black-eyed pea gumbo at Lady Marmalade.
  5. Osso bucco from Tartufo.
  6. Big bowl of ramen from Taro’s, or hit up the rest of the best ramen in Brisbane.
  7. The beef phō at Trang Restaurant, as well as some other worthy opponents.
  8. Gnocchi with black truffles and pork and fennel sausage 1889 Enoteca.
  9. Porridge at Merriweather Café, or some of our other favourite porridge peeps
  10. A hefty toasted sandwich from the Bread & Meat Co., plus some cheeky others
  11. The lamb sagwala at Curryville, or any other of your favourite indian joints
  12. Suckling pig roast every Wednesday at Pearl Café.
  13. …or Statler & Waldorf’s daily roast with fixings.
  14. Fish hot-pot at Sichuan Bang Bang.
  15. Norwegian waffles at Lokal + Co., the actual reason Scandinavia is the happiest region in the world.
  16. The goulash at Black Forest Café, from an old recipe that still warms Alpine Europe.
  17. The daily risotto at Popolo.
  18. Paella at Moda, Fridays only.
  19. Share a whole duck pie at Blockhouse, or single-serve it at these places
  20. Swiss cheese fondue at Des Alpes.
  21. And an oozy molten chocolate coulant from Gordita to send you on your way. 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie 

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