21 Things Brisbane Does Better Than Anywhere Else

By Catherine Blake
10th Aug 2014

Us northerners are proud folk of simple pleasures. We like our bananas, our sugar cane, our 12-month summers, and nothing chokes us up faster than the XXXX factory sign lighting up the night sky. 

In Brisbane the rat race is more of an amble, and stress is just another six letter word — this is the kind of mellow metropolis anyone would be glad to call home, and, despite what the naysayers might have you believe, we're never short on things to do in Brisbane.

You can keep your Parises and your New Yorks; we think we've got them beat. Here are 21 more reasons Brisbaners are hitched to the right wagon…

  1. Creative and alternative Christmas ideas — stone fruit and shellfish, anyone?
  2. Miranda Kerr's higher education certificate; if there was ever a spin off of Educating Rita called Educating Kerr, it would be set in Brisbane.
  3. We're home to the world's best grocer. (No really, it's offish.)
  4. Controlling the national stocks of pineapples and bananas. Remember that time there was an Australia-wide banana shortage because of Cyclone Larry? That's what we call power.
  5. Coffee that keeps it real. Not only are we home to some of the best coffee in the world, it doesn't cost a premium (Sydney) and or come with a side of ego (Melbourne).
  6. The flagship office of The Urban List is in Brisbane.
  7. 89% less public urination than Paris. 
  8. We're closer to Cairns than any other capital city in the world.
  9. Clive Palmer.
  10. Largest tropical parklands in the southern hemisphere (nice effort Roma Street).
  11. Flood recovery. 
  12. The Parking. Except at Indro'. Parking at Indro' sucks.
  13. No history of nuclear arms.
  14. Armed with a blazer, you can go literally anywhere under our perpetual 'casual' dress code. 
  15. The proximity to Stradbroke Island. Sometimes we visit ON A WHIM.
  16. Our casual attitude to expensive fruit. For two weeks a year we treat mangoes like golden orbs, then for the next three months we average four a day and slip on their rotting corpses on our side walks like it ain't no thang. 
  17. The equal opportunity to sue for loss of consortium #girlsjustwannahavefun
  18. The Outback Spectacular.
  19. The commute. From the suburbs to the city centre in less than two hours, even during peak 'hour'. Sucks to be you, Sydney.
  20. Those strawberry ice creams at the EKKA. 
  21. Never being more than a few days away from clear skies and sunshine.

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Image credit: Australian Traveller, Beer Infinity

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