30 Desserts You Need To Eat Before Winter Is Over

By Catherine Blake
28th Jul 2015

e'cco Bistro | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

Fog in the mornings and rain on the forecast means only one thing: the sticky date season is back. Arguably the best part of winter is the excuse to eat dessert with a jug of sauce on the side, and since this winter has brought with it a frosty vengeance we thought it was high time to track down the very best winter desserts Brisbane has to offer. The result is 30 of the warmest, heartiest, richest winter sweetyums you can imagine.

We can’t bear the idea of anyone having to skip dessert simply because it was too cold, so hurry before the warmer weather drives pudding off the menus. Here are our picks of the best winter desserts in Brisbane:

  1. Madame Wu’s steamed chocolate bun with green tea ice cream—a delicious twist on a savoury favourite.
  2. Queen of Pop’s insanely good, buzz-inducing coffee popsicles. Yes, we’re advocating popsicles in winter time, that’s how delish these very grown-up ice creams are.
  3. Spring Food & Wine’s GIANT macaron with raspberry ganache and praline. Yes, it’s giant.
  4. Pony Dining’s Fried Apple Pie with sour cream ice cream, rhubarb, oats and pistachio.
  5. Spiced roasted pineapple, burnt sugar, star anise parfait and ginger bread from Stokehouse.
  6. Champ’s rum chocolate pot with mascarpone and salted caramel toffee.
  7. Steamed fig and almond pudding with custard and blackberry ice cream at Julius Pizzeria.
  8. Pizzantica’s Nutella and strawberry pizza. It’s love.
  9. Finish off dinner at Chow House with their pudding of the day.
  10. Chocolate and hazelnut pudding with vanilla ice cream with goats milk caramel and poached blueberries at Mighty Mighty.
  11. Rum and raisin fudge cake with white chocolate and quince from Anise.
  12. Gerard’s tipsy date and carrot cake with cumin cream and walnut snow.
  13. Chinese Doughnuts from Farrier, served with green tea ice cream and sesame white chocolate sauce.
  14. Cowch’s toasted marshmallows served with a Baileys-infused chocolate shot.
  15. Billy Kart’s steamed pear and golden syrup pudding with crème anglaise
  16. The hazlenut ice cream sandwich with salted caramel and raspberry sorbet, with a side of baked choc chip cookie from e’cco Bistro, made to order. Look at you.
  17. Corn bread French toast with vanilla bean ice cream and ginger roasted fig from Malt.
  18. Southside Diner’s pumpkin pie with maple cream and roast pumpkin ice cream.
  19. Sticky date pudding at the Charming Squire with butterscotch sauce, cocoa caramel and vanilla ice cream.
  20. Warm red wine spice poached pear with honeyed yoghurt and pavlova from Cayenne Kitchen and Bar.
  21. Apple brioche pudding with vanilla anglaise from Mondo Organics.
  22. Vanilla cake with Johnny’s smack caramel pop corn and meringue from Alfred & Constance.  
  23. Harveys steamed butterscotch pudding with banana and honeycomb ice cream and roasted pear.
  24. Bar Alto’s Italian donuts with chestnut crema, a mulled wine poached pear and spice ice cream.
  25. White chocolate, honeycomb, blueberry curd with elderflower gel and golden cherry meringue at Thomsons Reserve
  26. Italian chocolate donuts dusted with orange sugar, pistachio crumble and sweet basil gelato from Popolo.
  27. Chocolate stout cake at Canvas served with raspberry coulis, vanilla ice cream, caramel and pretzels.
  28. Fix Restaurant’s chocolate brownie with espresso gelato and a warm chocolate fudge sauce.
  29. Chip Tease's sugar-coated dessert fries with cream and Nutella.
  30. Donut Boyz' dulche de leche cronut.

Want more of the best dessert in Brisbane? Search 'dessert' in our Directory!

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