47 Kris Kringle Gifts Under $20

By Gabbi Johnston
5th Dec 2015

Kris Kringle Gifts Under $50

Christmas is the season of giving and receiving, which is all well and good until someone suggests Kris Kringle. The dreaded Kris Kringle means being forced to buy a present for someone you may or may not know or like, and keeping it under $20. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Here’s a list of 47 Kris Kringle ideas for under $20, and there’s something there for even the most unusual colleague/client/remote family member:

  1. For the wannabe hipster in your life, give him a hand with this beanie beard ($19) 
  2. For the man who lights up your life, give him a light up neck tie ($20)
  3. For the geek in your life, get them this oh my geek mug ($15) 
  4. For the BBQ loving neighbour, make their job easier with this sauce dispenser gun ($20) 
  5. For your friend with the travel bug, help them map out where they’ve been with this world map scratchie ($20) 
  6. For your inseparable group of besties, give them a pizza-your-heart with a 6-way pizza friendship necklace ($12)
  7. For the one that always forgets the bottle opener, give them the book that gives them 99 ways to open a bottle without a bottleopener ($20) 
  8. Or give them an iPhone cover that doubles as a bottle opener ($15) 
  9. For your friend that thinks they’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse, give them cookie cutters in the shape of zombies – tell them to eat them before they eat you ($15) 
  10. For the one in the office who never gets anything done, give them another excuse to not do work with a desk-sized pool table ($20
  11. For your housemates, spell out your shopping list and memos with this magnetic typography ($20) 
  12. For your accident-prone sibling, give them this affirmation band aids ($7) 
  13. For the college student in your life, make their Friday night parties easier with a spin the shot drinking game ($15) 
  14. For the family member who always cooks too much pasta, help them measure the perfect amount with this pasta measurer ($17)
  15. For your social media savvy friend, give them something they’ll like IRL... Like a giant ‘like’ foam hand ($13)
  16. Or even help bring their social media profile to life with the social media shower curtain ($20) 
  17. For the hopeful director of your friendship circle, start them off on the filming journey with their own Hollywood clapper board ($17) 
  18. For the ultimate wingman, never do shots alone again with this wingman shot glass ($8) 
  19. For the one who inevitably gets the man flu every winter, let him wear his survival badge with pride with this Man Flu Survivor tissue box cover ($16)
  20. For you lego-loving brother, give him this lego ice cube tray, and make sure he doesn’t leave them on the ground for you to step on ($10) 
  21. For your Frisbee playing friend, give him the ultimate donut Frisbee, complete with pink icing ($20) 
  22. For your friend that thinks he’s all that and more, give him a pocket-sized compilation of Kanye West wisdom ($13)
  23. For your germaphobic friend,  help make their public bathroom trips a little less terrifying with this public bathroom survival kit ($12) 
  24. For your Star Wars obsessed friend, give them the force with a Yoda talking pen ($12) 
  25. For your photographer friend, give them this camera lens coffee mug, but make sure they don’t confuse it with their actual camera lens’ ($20) 
  26. For the artist in your life, bring their drawing to life with this 3D writing pad ($12)
  27. For your spaghetti-eating friend that gets more sauce on their shirt than in their mouth, make their life easier with the specialised spaghetti fork ($18) 
  28. For the cat lady in your life, give her the gift of warm feet with these cat socks ($18) 
  29. For your surfie friend, give them a whale of a time with this ocean animals ice cube tray ($15) 
  30. For the one who has no ragrets, give them this ‘think big’ giant eraser ($15) 
  31. For your dad, give him these vinyl placemats to give him an idea of other possible uses for his vinyl collection ($20) 
  32. For the nerd in your life, give them this soduko toilet paper ($10) 
  33. For your red wine-loving friend, treat them to this wine bottle glass – a literal bottle of wine with a convenient glass on top ($20)
  34. Then feel more relaxed about inviting her over for an evening by getting her the Chateau red wine stain remover ($15) 
  35. For the friend that always sleeps through their alarm, get them this NASA rocket blaster alarm clock, which forces them to put the rocket back in its place in order to turn the alarm off ($20) 
  36. For the single ladies, get them a boyfriend for Christmas! A grow-their-own-boyfriend, that is… ($7) 
  37. For the stress-head in the office, give them a way to relieve their stresses with this heavyweight champion Hole Punch ($10) 
  38. For your fashion-savvy friends, get them the ultimate fashion statement – sandal socks ($15) 
  39. For the one that can never fit their entire message on one post-it note, get them roller post-it notes ($10) 
  40. For the cook in your life, give them the pizza cone kit that will change the way they make pizza forever ($14) 
  41. For the one with a baby, ensure silence and entertainment at the Christmas party with this goatie pacifier ($14) 
  42. For your classy friend, give them an emergency bowtie, you know, just in case… ($16) 
  43. For the one who’s always hungover on Monday morning, give them this hangover pack – just add ice ($15) 
  44. For the musician in your life, give them the practicality of a guitar pen ($15) 
  45. For the gangster in your life, give them the joy of matching outfits with a hoodie for their iPhone ($15) 
  46. For the one that spills their drink every time, give them the anti-spill beverage holder ($15) 
  47. For the one that’s still playing space invaders, get them these space invaders coasters ($20) 

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