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The 5 Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes | Eyelure Beauty Parlour

By Desta Cullen
11th Dec 2013

We've all been there before. Standing in front of the mirror, innocently plucking your eyebrows with reckless abandon. 

Then, the fated step-back, only to realise you've completely over done it. Oh, the horror. It can take weeks for those pesky rascals to grow back!

Kerri Irving from Eyelure Beauty Parlour in Kelvin Grove, eyebrow wrangler extraordinaire, knows a thing or two about the plethora of de-hairing faux pas that plague us all. 

Because it's a task most definitely left to the experts—your brows create the frame that surrounds that masterpiece of a face, don't ya know—we sat down with Kerri to run through the most common mistakes, and how she would fix them. 

Think of it is a cautionary tale, and a handy mini-masterclass in how to get good brows! 

The Over-Tweezed Eyebrow 

Makes for a poor frame for the eye area and creates the appearance of a large forehead (not hot). 

The Fix 

"Everyone is familiar with the over-tweezed eyebrow [Ed Note: oh lordy, are we familiar]. When this brow comes into my parlour, the first thing I do is explain where exactly we will be growing back, to achieve a flattering fullness for their face shape, and that they would also benefit from a growth serum, to speed up the process," says Kerri.

The Tadpole Eyebrow

This is an unbalanced brow that creates the wrong focal point.

The Fix

"I need to rebalance and straighten the tadpole by removing the heaviness at the beginning of the brow. The client is often afraid that their brows will be too thin when I do this, but when I'm finished with the brow I always get a wow! This client will also benefit from a wax and powder to fill in areas that still need to be regrown." 

The Half-Circle Eyebrow

These brows constantly look surprised and can sometimes resemble a clown's over-arched brows. 

The Fix 

"This brow has to be straightened to define and accentuate the correct arch so the brow gives a lifted and more youthful appearance. This client often needs a pencil to add definition and shape to their brow while growing."

The Stumpy Eyebrow 

"This is the most common brow mishap I see today. It is defined as an eyebrow that starts too far out and/or finishes too soon," says Kerri.

The Fix

"I start by showing the client where their brow should start or finish, and then I explain that if they grow the centre of their brow back, they will achieve much more shape and length. This will give the appearance of a more slimline nose and bigger eyes, which every lady wants!" 

The Invisible Eyebrow

Lighter brows do soften the face, but when they can't be seen at all they can't flatter or frame the face. 

The Fix

"This brow is all about the colour; my rule for colouring a lighter brow is to go 3 shades darker than the hair colour, which gives great definition to the brow, and makes their eyes pop! These ladies would benefit from a lash colour as well to accentuate the whole eye area."

Are you guilty of any of these eyebrow crimes? Kerri is ready and waiting to work her magic on your face framers! Click here to find out more about Eyelure, or to make an appointment, click here.

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