52 Things Every Brisbanite Has Said at Some Point

By Desta Cullen
17th Nov 2015

It’s pretty clear that Brisbanites are a passionate young bunch; the price of coffee, mangoes, storms—just some of the things that set us into a spin.

From shooting the breeze with an Uber driver, Bramous celebrity spotting around the city’s hilly streets, or even just lamenting the expense of life in the big smoke, we’ve uncovered the 52 things most Brisbanites have probably muttered at some point.

#Brisbane4lyf, forever!

  1. “Traffic in this city is the WORST.” (After being stuck in a traffic jam for five minutes.)
  2. “What even can you see from the Wheel of Brisbane?”
  3. “Was that Stefan getting coffee?”
  4. “I’ve never even heard of that suburb!” Said by northsiders about anything southside, and vice versa.
  5. “I just don’t understand the Story Bridge Climb.”
  6. “I went to school with Miranda Kerr.” 
  7. “Parking in the city is soooo expensive!”
  8. “Let’s meet at the Wally statue.”
  9. “It’s probably going to hail today; there’s another storm on the radar.” Said every day, twice a day throughout the whole of December.
  10. “What school did you go to? Do you know…?” Being that this is Brisbane, there's a 95% chance you probably do.
  11. “I hate the ibis. They are so gross.”
  12. “One of my friends is friends with so-and-so and they know blah blah…” 
  13. “You couldn’t pay me to swim at Streets Beach.”
  14. “I wish they would bring back Amazons.”
  15. “How good was Expo ‘88?”
  16. “Barack Obama’s helicopters flew over my house during G20.”
  17. “I can’t come out this weekend (or ever), I’m saving for a house.”
  18. “I saw a mango at the shops. It was $4.99!”
  19. “That café is the best, but they don’t take bookings.”
  20. “Have you been on the City Cat?”
  21. “Darren Lockyer lives in Paddington, I see him running past my house all the time.” 
  22. “Watch out for the bull sharks in the river.”
  23. “We needed that rain!”
  24. “Does anyone even use the tunnels? They’re so expensive.”
  25. “Did you hear there’s a new café open in West End?”
  26. “Have you been to the new [insert American/burger joint here] yet?”
  27. “Go the Broncos!”
  28. “Let’s go to the Caxton?”
  29. “Never drinking again. I’m so hungover.”
  30. “What time is it in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne Auckland?” (Uttered during daylight savings months.)
  31. “I was going to come to your party, but it’s storming so I think it’s dangerous to be out now?”
  32. “Let’s go look at the jacarandas in bloom.”
  33. “Hey look, a bush turkey.”
  34. “I just had the friendliest Uber driver. We chatted about Uber driving…again.”
  35. “We had our first kiss at Fridays.” #romantic
  36. “What’s the best hashtag for breakfast?”
  37. “I think that was Bernard Fanning behind us at the gig!”
  38. “It’s so cold today! 20 degrees? I can’t wait till winter is over.”
  39. “That’s classic.”
  40.  “I did the Kangaroo Point stairs twice this morning.”
  41. “Meet you at the HJ’s square in the mall.”
  42. “Are donuts still a thing?”
  43. “What’s open at this time of night?”
  44. “How did it get to 3am? I’m starving. Kebab?”
  45. “I hear the Vietnamese in Darra and Inala is really authentic.”
  46. “Nudgee Beach is not a real beach.”
  47. “Do you prefer the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast?” All Brisbanite’s know you either like one or the other.
  48. “How do people even live on the north/south side of the river?”
  49. “I paid more than $5 for my coffee this morning. Unacceptable.”
  50. “There’s no way I’m waiting for a table.”
  51. “I love the West End markets but I don’t shop there. I just go there for the coffee and dog-watching.”
  52. “I was attacked by [insert plethora of menacing native birds] on the way home!”

Image credit: Icon Milton

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