60 Things To Do With That Extra Second We’re Getting This Year

By Rachel Lay
3rd Aug 2016

60 Things To Do With That Extra Second

Guys, we have big news. We’re getting a whole extra second this year! Obviously, it’s not as as exciting as an extra day, or even an extra hour but hey…shit’s exciting. We couldn’t just let this momentous occasion go by, so we’ve rounded up 60 things to do with that extras second. Carpe diem, etc.

  1. Spend the extra second boozing at Brisbane’s best bars.
  2. Tell your crush you like them.
  3. Immediately regret it.
  4. Invest in an extra second of gorging on a killer dessert. The calories don’t count if the second doesn’t actually exist…?
  5. Put some actual thought into your resolutions—like giving up coffee.
  6. Take a step toward real adulthood by booking a cooking class.
  7. Try not to fall into a pit of despair when you think about your life.
  8. Enter a cheese coma.
  9. Break all the rules and eat breakfast pasta at Morning After.
  10. Waste the extra second with one of the pointless videos 
  11. Unfollow your ex on everything
  12. Refollow your ex on everything
  13. Tell your pet how much you love them.
  14. Expand your vocabulary by reading one word of the day.
  15. Pluck that weird AF hair you always get in that weird place.
  16. Notice that that weird AF hair is already growing back.
  17. Stop and smell the roses for once in your damn life.
  18. Order a pizza.
  19. Tick something off your to-do list.
  20. Smile at a stranger.
  21. Spark joy by tidying approximately one thing.
  22. Look at your watch.
  23. Take a rejuvenating micro nap.
  24. Relive your Uni days with Brisbane’s best katsu curries.
  25. Spread a rumour about Brisbane 
  26. Make snow angels in all that snow we got
  27. Pretend you’re a real life Jedi at this Star Wars themed café.
  28. Vow to tick off the Brisbane Breakfast Bucket list.
  29. Try one of these weird AF things you didn’t know you could do in Brisbane.
  30. Chill the F out.
  31. Use the extra second to decide to go chasing waterfalls
  32. Say one of these cliché Brisbanite things.
  33. Lament in these truths about winter.
  34. Vow to stop doing these things and land yourself in your hairdresser’s favour. 
  35. Bask in the glory of Brisbane’s hidden laneways.
  36. Support your decision to give up coffee with these cafes for non-coffee drinkers.
  37. Use that extra second to devour a cheese board.
  38. Cuddle a cat at a Cat Café.
  39. Book a stay-cay.
  40. Cement your love of cheese by joining a cheese club.
  41. Live large at these buffets.
  42. Tell your dog how much you love them.
  43. Tell your parents it was actually you, not your brother who dyed the dog’s hair over 20 years ago.
  44. Apologise to your cat for that time you called it ugly behind its back.
  45. Swipe your credit card sans regret.
  46. Finally book your car in for a service.
  47. Stop being sad about your relationship status, because being single is awesome.
  48. Finally treat yo’ self to a day at One Wybellena.
  49. Spend that extra second like you spend every other second of your life, eating Brisbane’s best chicken wings.
  50. GTFO your first world problems.
  51. Remember how thankful you are for Britney Spears.
  52.  Practice your poker face for when you need to lie to your boss about. 
  53.  Scull a pint.
  54.  Get one step closer to a $5,000 dream holiday.
  55.  Quit your Pokemon addiction by deleting the app.
  56.  Scroll Instagram, as per.
  57.  Wink at a stranger.
  58.  Apologise for that one time you called your boss ‘Mum’.
  59.  Try and develop a taste for oysters. Maybe you’ll like them this time?
  60. Not even notice the extra second. 

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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