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7 Farmer’s Markets to Visit This Spring

By Catherine Blake
23rd Sep 2015


In the transition from sweater to swelter, nothing gets us out of the house faster than the promise of a farmer’s market. The bright season of blossoming flora and frolicking fauna is easily lost on us inner-city wankers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit with a bit of urban foraging. In place of actual woodlands and meadows, Brisbane is lucky enough to have the next best thing: the beloved farmer’s market.

Here is a place where children and puppies roam free while their parents and/or guardians quaff coffee and haggle over the price of lemons. Dreams are born and everywhere lingers that scratchy smell of hessian.

What better to inspire that whimsical, vernal abandon of sunny September than a wander through a marketplace and the violent hacking of everyone’s hay fever acting up?

These are the Brisbane farmer’s markets where we’ll be making good use of our canvas bags and avoiding the inevitable spring clean:

The Gap Farmer’s Market

The Gap

With the familiar community feel typical of this Brisbane borough, The Gap Farmer’s Market is the right way to amp your weekend this spring. Be warned, this is one of those super early markets (like, done before midday kind of early) so we recommend getting up before the worm to kick off a productive weekend. Fill up your tank with a delicious breakfast from one of the food stalls, then fill your boot with fresh produce direct from the grower.

When: Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 6.30am-11am

Red Hill Markets

Red Hill

As the new kids on the inner-city market scene, the Red Hill Markets have been bringing the stoke and impressing us all. Besides your standard purveyors of fresh produce and artisanal bread, Red Hill also plays host to some cheesemakers, butchers, fishmongers and the market stall equivalent of a food court.

When: Every Sunday 6am-noon

Plantage Botanical Market


As a celebration of plantables and greenery, Woolloongabba’s Plantage Botanical Market hits its prime in spring. Check out the local design talent and nab yourself an upcycled birdhouse, or learn how to make your own terrarium and furnish your house with the sprouting glory of succulents. The cakes and preserves from Pearl Café make a cheeky appearance too.

When: September 19, October 24, November 14 8am-1pm

Village Markets

Kelvin Grove

Daisy-fresh and brimming with promise, it’s only natural that our inner gatherers are awakened at the Village Markets. With perk in hand courtesy of the Menagerie, a gander through the market tents is the perfect thing to evoke the springtime pleasures without getting any mud on your Nikes. 

When: Every Saturday 6am-1pm

Northey Street Organic Markets


As a fundamentally organic market, a visit to Northey Street is a weekend must for super fresh and seasonal produce. The market also houses the Edible Landscapes nursery, which operates on an ethos of permaculture and sustainability and provides all the things you need to pimp your veggie patch. Make sure you get onboard the organic wonderland at Northey Street while it’s still not too warm to enjoy a brew at the Chai Café. The buckwheat pancakes aren’t too bad either…

When: Every Sunday 6am-11am

Rocklea Markets


The overflowing buckets of flowers at the Rocklea Markets encapsulate the truest essence of springtime. These palatial markets are the combined efforts of over 220 stalls, packed with everything you could possible ask for. Among the sprays of verdant pickables you’ll also find meat and poultry, deli items, pastries and anything else you need to fill out a clement Saturday.

When: Every Saturday and Sunday 6am-noon.

Jan Power's Mitchelton Farmers Markets


Occurring on the first Sunday of every month, the Mitchelton Farmer’s Markets are easy to miss so plan ahead. Three glorious opportunities present themselves to run rampant this spring so make sure you plan your expedition wisely.Here’s a sample shopping list we prepared earlier: fruitloaf from Wild Breads, potted herbs for that windowbox, and bulk strawberries because strawberries.

When: First Sunday of the month 6am-noon

Image credit: Michelle Jarni

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