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7 Things Your Hairdresser Wishes You’d Stop Doing

By Jessica Pridmore
2nd Sep 2015

7 things not to do to your hair
7 things not to do to your hair

Achieving that ‘perfect’ shade, or getting the ultimate cut—the one that will make your face go from frumpy to foxy at the snip of strand—is a long-term, exxy investment. Your hair is coiffed and coloured by an expert, lovingly cared for and treated with the respect it deserves. Then, moments after we’re unleashed into the world with the kind of locks even Jen A would lust after, we go about our daily routines and literally f**k it up.

For the betterment of vulnerable locks everywhere, we decided to go to the experts at Togninis, asked what the absolute worst things to do to your hair are, and how we could be a little kinder to our locks in-between salon visits.

Listen up and listen good ladies, because we’ve all done them!

You’re A Slave To The Soap Suds

Who actually has time to wash their hair everyday? Not only a tedious task that sucks up precious morning routine time (read: extra snoozing), it can also strip your hair of the natural oils in the scalp that keep your locks looking lush in the first place! Togninis recommends laying off the daily suds, and opt for using a quality dry shampoo, such as evo Water Killer; a super-kind dry shampoo that removes additional oils without stripping your hair.

Hot tip: Skip the post-gym sesh hair wash! Your hair is not dirty (just wet), so dry and style as normal and your scalp will thank you for it.

Back-Combing Your Locks

Regularly back combing your hair to get a few extra inches on the top? Combing your hair in the wrong direction is just plain terrible for your locks. ‘Back combing damages your hair by making the hair loose, causing it to break off’ the team at Togninis, warns. Want a few extra inches on top without punishing your hair? Incorporate specific volume-creating products into your routine before blow-drying. Hair, 1. Brush, 0!

Using Cheap Styling Products

Shelling out hand over fist for expensive products may be heart breaking, but cheap is no substitute for properly protecting that expensive cut and colour you’ve just coughed up the big bucks for. A lot of these cheaper consumer products use fillers, detergents and silicon that aren't great for achieving healthy locks. ‘They may make the hair feel super soft and silky, but are in fact damaging the hair,’ Togninis tell us. ‘At Togninis we use Kérastase on our clients’ hair, due to its higher concentration of quality ingredients’.  Want the long and short of it? There is no substitute for quality when it comes to your hair.

Colouring Your Hair At Home

We’ve all been there; you’re cruising the isles at the supermarket, and see a box that looks just like the colour your fave A-List girl crush is sporting. Throwing all rational thinking out the door, you impulse buy, and think about how many compliments you’ll get when you rock up to work the next day with your ‘hot new hair’. It doesn’t take a genius to point out that you will not, in fact, look like the girl on the box. Sorry to break it to you. Firstly, let us point out that hair stylists’ train for years to hone colouring skills. Secondly, colour corrective appointments are expensive for a reason—‘it is the hardest type of colour to remove from the hair if you want to change it or fix it later’.

Not Using Heat-Protective Products

Think of heat-protective styling products like you would sunscreen; you wouldn’t go out without slip, slop, slapping, so why should your hair be at the mercy of soaring temps!? Using any hot tools to style your hair will burn and damage the hair, leaving it dry and weak (read: dull and lifeless). Keep it simple: limit the use of hot styling tools and ALWAYS use protective product.


If I could marry my straightening iron I would. I’m not joking; it’s reliable, always gets me out of a bad hair day, and makes me a better person (well, my hair anyway). But for all its many, many plusses, this super tool is the ultimate weapon of mass (follicle) destruction. Wonder why your hair never grows? Hate those ratty split ends? Your ends are snapping off faster than your hair can grow, and it’s all down to how often you use your iron. If you are a slave to the hot plates, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use a heat protectant!

Sleeping With Your Hair In A Hair Tie

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that cause the most damage. Whilst you’re taking your nightly visit to snooze town, that hair tie of yours is literally strangling your ends. Even worse if you use one with a metal clasp. Not nice, huh? Simple solution is to ‘wear your hair out and let your strands breathe’. If you absolutely must have your hair off your face, tie your hair in a loose braid and secure loosely right at the ends.

Do right by your hair, and give your mane the VIP treatment it deserves at Togninis.  To book in an appointment, call the salon on 3852 6801 or check out their hair and beauty at

Image credits: Esteban Rivera

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