9 Foods You Need to Eat Before Winter is Really Over

By Sophia McMeekin
5th Sep 2014

Though Spring has sort of sprung, we don't officially say adieu to Winter until September 22nd (it's like a tricky equinox solstice thing that's too complicated to explain, just trust me). That means we have three more glorious weeks of Winter eating to get through. 

That's right, move away from the green smoothie; it's still eating-for-warmth season, and to celebrate this happy news we're counting down the nine winter foods you should get into you before swimsuit season actually gets here.

Checking these off is an essential Brisbane thing to do before the mercury rises!

Order mulled wine off someone with a beard

Nothing says winter like a spiced and warming mulled wine concoction and a flannelled and bearded bar tender. Find both at Brisbane bars, Black Bear Lodge, The Twig & Berry, and The End.

Partake of porridge

Make like Goldilocks and enjoy the warming, endorphin releasing power of good old oats for a tad longer. Our faves? Sourced Grocer's, Plenty's, and Balfour Kitchen's.

Drink at least one more hot chocolate with marshmallows

When summer actually gets here you'll be feeling guilty for a mere shake of choc sprinkles on your coffee, let along going a full hot chocolate with all the trimmings. We suggest getting a hot chocolate into you now, before the thought of hot milk makes you want to ralph. Here's a list of our favourite Brisbane cafes doing hot chocs right.

All the crumbles and puddings

The British may be lagging culturally in quite a few respects (their love of pasties, their inability to tan) but they know there is nothing better on a cold night than a good pud', and for that we can't help but respect them. Here are our lists of Brisbane's best crumbles, and Brisbane's best puddings.

Try the breakfast of the moment, Shakshouka, before it goes mainstream

Yeah, we know you're better than a food trend. But shakshouka, a Tunisian spiced tomato, egg-y dish favoured by expert breakfast eaters, is so darn delish it's worth ignoring the hype and digging in anyway. Find truly great versions at Gerard's Bistro and Shouk Café.

Locate all the carbs you can and consume immediately

Fact: people judge you for eating carbs in summer. But in these precious cooler months you can hit your local Italian joint for a bowl of pasta or risotto while wearing a slimming cable-knit sweater without fear of finger pointing or name calling. Yes, you'll have the garlic bread, too. When we want glorious gluten we head to Beccofino, Bucci, or 1889 Enoteca.

Pig Out on Pub Food

Sure, that bartender is all non-judgemental of your pint-and-schnitty combo now. But wait 'til summer time when he's in a muscle tee and you're still ordering bowls of wedges. JUDGEMENT CITY. Happily, Brisbane has some great pubs doing great pub grub to keep your haunches covered until that sad day comes. Our picks are The Alliance Hotel, The Fox, and CBD diner Red Hook. Or, check out this list of Brisbane's best parmies.

Slurp Soup/Pho/Ramen

Technically good manners, bowls of hot liquids should be enjoyed now, not later. Find some of our favourite Brisbane soup joints here.

Go to a bar with a fireplace and drink whisky 

What, you haven't done this yet? What have you been doing with your time? Brisbane bars rocking fireplaces are ideal for a warming amber drop and some deep fire-gazing contemplation. The Gresham, Sixes and Sevens, and Chalet Bar all have mantles for resting ones elbows on.

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Image credit: Bon Apetit

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