9 Things To Do When Brisbane’s Just Too Hot

By AJ James
27th Nov 2015

things to do in brisbane summer

Brisbane, we love you.

But gee whiz you do the start of summer like nowhere else. You do it when it is not even technically summer, and occasionally you like to throw in a good surprise and totally unseasonal heat wave for good measure, most notably on those days when everyone has set off for work in their best July jumper. You sly dog.

Yes, you are beautiful, but you can be downright unbearable at times which means that your beauty is often lost on those fading away with heatstroke.

You’ve got to be a seasoned Brisbanite in the summertime local to a) survive and b) prosper in these tough times. Only the clued in thrive between late November and well… the end of March.

Here are the best things to do in Brisbane to keep yourself in check in this whole ‘Hunger Games survival of the coolest’ competition we’ve now all unwillingly entered.

1. Cinemas

“I spent one whole heat wave day going from cinema to cinema. I made a mini marathon for myself.” My mate Cush.

There’s this whole notion that movies can only be seen during the day if it’s raining, because if it’s sunny out you should be doing something outdoors and virtuous. Totally untrue. The movies are the place to go – we’re loving both the Palace Cinemas and Blue Room Cinebar for the seriously choice choc tops!

2. Ithaca Pool

I am going to deeply regret including this because this hidden oasis is going to become SO DARN popular. Humble Ithaca Pool is beyond gorgeous: it’s 25 metres and oh so quiet. It’s shady, newly tiled and a just a real gem of a place. Go and get your Susie O’Neill on.

3. Gelato

The only time to acceptably eat gelato as a meal is when it is far too hot to make anything else. Ergo, you’ve got plenty of opportunities. The great thing about gelato shops is they need to be air-conditioned in this town. We’ve narrowed our favourites down to five.


You can easily while away a whole day working your way through the QAGOMA gallery floors and even have a little stop off for lunch at the delightful restaurant. Way to be so icy, so crisp, so cultural.

5. The Powerhouse

Because when there’s a breeze running off the river it’s a gorgeous thing sitting outside the Powerhouse at Bar Alto having an Aperol Spritz and then going into the superbly AIR CONDITIONED restaurant for goat ragu.

6. Queensland Ballet

Get a season ticket to the Queensland Ballet and strategically book yourself into their shows. Then you’ve got multiple beautiful and air-conditioned outings to look forward to.

7. Manly

Make for the bay – seriously. Our bayside suburbs are excellent all the time, but when it’s still and sticky, they’re noticeably cooler. And some stellar cafes are popping up too making it a win-win.

8. Cedar Creek Falls

Drive along Cedar Creek Road in Samford until you reach the end and then head down to the creek. Follow that along until you find the Cedar Creek Falls watering hole. Bliss. Pack a picnic, pack sunscreen and get back to nature.

9. Get Coastal

Yes, seriously. Get in the car and just go for the day. We’re SO into the coast right now that we created a whole new site dedicated to all the good things found at the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast

Image credit: Pop-Up Waterpark

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