A Sneak Peek Into Jocelyn Hancock’s New Cake Shop, Cake & Bake!

By Penny Kidd
6th Nov 2015

West End Breakfasts

Twenty years after starting her Brisbane baking career in West End, renowned chef Jocelyn Hancock is opening a brand spanking new cake store.

Cake & Bake will serve delicious baked treats such as cakes, tarts and slices that she’s become so famous for, as well as savoury items, rolls, salads and preserves.

But as the pioneer who set the tone for the Brisbane baking scene many years ago, you expect something extra special from Jocelyn and Cake & Bake is more than just another bakehouse.

With a focus on community, providence and seasonality, the new venture will be underpinned by the finest local flavours.

Customers will be able to chat about where the ingredients come from and how the products are made. From the Meyer lemons grown on her family farm in Killarney in the Southern Downs, to the egg producer, to the grazier supplying the meat, to the team in the Scenic Rim providing a range of vegies, produce will be sourced directly from a core team of suppliers.

To Jocelyn, buying from the producer is a win-win situation.

“I have a rural background and I understand how important that chain and the return dollars are. Not only into their farms but also their communities,” she told the Urban List.

“You’re buying direct and getting a really great product and you can be in touch with what is coming out of the ground next.”

For this reason, the menu will adapt throughout the year and make the most of celebrating seasonal produce.

“Asparagus is coming into its peak so I’m hoping that we’ll be making walnut, blue cheese and asparagus tarts, for example,” she said.

“We’ll always be thinking, what can we be using?”

And when Jocelyn says “we”, she means it. Having been on sabbatical from all things butter, eggs and flour, she’s now back in the kitchen focussing on her first true love – baking - and is looking forward to working closely with her pastry team.

Opening new venture Cake & Bake is an opportunity to connect with her customers, and patrons can expect to engage with Jocelyn directly whether chatting over the shop-front counter or watching her work her magic in the open kitchen. 

 “People want to have a connection – whether they buy a coffee, or they go to the same market stall,” she said.

 “That shop will be part of me. It will be warm, it will be inviting. I’ll offer a quality service, a quality product and all of who I am will come through in the shop.”

Due to open mid-November, Cake & Bake will offer a range of salads, sandwiches, savoury pastries and of course a delicious selection of cakes, tarts and filled biscuits. YUM! We can’t wait!

For a sneak peak of the menu, check out Jocelyn’s Instagram where she is testing recipes.

Image credits: Cake & Bake

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