A Tim Tam-Stuffed Doughnut Has Been Created For Australia Day!

By Caity Stone
11th Jan 2018


The masters of OTT naughty food are at it again. For three days only this culinary innovator is making ooey, gooey doughnuts stuffed with Tim Tams, and we’re already in lurve.

Kenilworth Bakery on the Sunshine Coast started their decadent streak with a 1kg doughnut challenge late last year. Next up, they invented Australia’s first ever coffee IN a doughnut with record amounts of caffeine consumed from the hollow of their fresh cinnamon doughnuts. They virtually reinvented breakfast when they launched this guy.

But their latest creation (we're tipping) is set to be their greatest yet! Australia Day 2018 is the perfect day to infuse anything with an Aussie fave; enter, the humble Tim Tam. We're talking fresh doughnuts, made-to-order, stuffed with a Tim Tam then deep fried. Oh s**t.

Really playing on the Australia Day theme, the baking masters at Kenilworth Bakery will also be serving up Aussie culinary icons including piping hot damper with golden syrup, ANZAC biscuits (extra chewy, naturally) and the constant crowd pleaser, the humble lamington. 

All we can say is the folks at Kenilworth Bakery are clever—very clever. No matter what your Australia Day 2018 plans are this year, you MUST stop in and grab one, or three (no judgement here).

Just remember they are only serving these delights for three days over the break (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and then they will be gone forever, just as swiftly as they came.

We literally cannot wait to see what they come up with next!


What: Australia Day Tim Tam doughnut 
When: Friday 26 January-Sunday 28 January
Where: Kenilworth Bakery, Kenilworth, Sunshine Coast.

Image: Amy Higg for The Urban List 

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