All The Aussie Foods You Should Eat This Australia Day

By Catherine Blake
25th Jan 2017

With the impending date of Australia’s biggest pool party/BBQ creeping ever nearer we started compiling our patriotic shopping list to ensure this year’s Australia Day bash be the biggest and bestest it can possibly be. In doing so, we ended up facing some of the most difficult questions ever posed to humankind: can a foodstuff be a national icon? Is it even possible to improve on Bunnings’ sausage to bread ratio? Is Vovo a legitimate way of life? Yes, no, and only in odd-numbered years.

While you’re listening to Triple J's hottest 100 countdown, why not count down our most iconic Australian foodstuffs with a bit of a smorgasbord? We’ve compiled this inventory detailing our chomping agenda ahead of Australia Day, plus a few cheeky meals out crafted by some local patriots.

  1. Family pack of Zooper Doopers.
  2. Five boxes of Golden Gaytimes.
  3. A slab of Milton Mangoes.
  4. A tray of actual mangoes.
  5. The Tim Tam or Iced Vovo milkshake from Priory Kitchen
  6. A Woollies’ chocolate mudcake.
  7. The avo on toast at Sourced Grocer
  8. A Chiko roll from the servo.
  9. A bowl of Weet-Bix.
  10. Literally anything at all of the entirely local menu at Spicers Hidden Vale.
  11. An entire loaf of fairy bread.
  12. The Moreton Bay bugs from Nickel Kitchen and Bar
  13. A packet of Tim Tams washed down with a bottle of milk that tastes like real milk.
  14. The Queenslander burger from Just Poppy’s, complete with local heroes pineapple and beetroot.
  15. Damper that you cooked yourself in a campfire.
  16. Doughnut Time’s Golden Gaytime doughnut. 
  17. A 12-pack of Four‘n Twenty party pies.
  18. A chicken parmy jaffle at Let Minnow: the one-handed pub lunch.
  19. Deconstructed lamington from Piggy Back Café
  20. King-sized Cherry Ripe.
  21. Lamb tartare at Gauge
  22. Kellogg's chocolate crackles. 
  23. Iced VoVo scrolled ice cream from Doughnut Bar in the Wintergarden. 
  24. Sausage on Wonder White (tomato sauce optional). 
  25. Vegemite scroll.

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