Around The World In 10 Brisbane Dishes

By Rachel Lay
26th Apr 2016

Plane tickets can be expensive, and plane rides can be pretty long journeys. Sometimes though, you just have that intense craving for bibimbap or you just really need some injera bread in your life, like, now. Don’t worry though, because Brisbane is actually killing it in the international food game – and we’re loving it. So buckle up people, we’re taking your around the world in ten epic Brisbane dishes.

South Korea – Bibimbap and Soju

Bibimbap packs a whole lot of flavour for a relatively simply dish. The gochujang mixed with the pickled vegies, egg yolk, and crispy rice from the hot stone bowl combine to create a seriously delicious dish. For a taste of Seoul in our river city, you just can’t go past Maru Korean BBQ’s range of bibimbap. They have traditional offerings, and also more out there ones that involve lots and lots of cheese. Obviously, you need to pair your bibimbap with a big old glass of Soju.

Italy – Pizza and Aperol Spritz

For pizza that will make you think you’re actually in Italy, Beccofino is your spot. Their woodfired pizzas are authentically delicious and come topped with the most Italian of toppings. We’re obsessed with the number one offering; think basil and lashings of Prosciutto di Parma. The fichi pizza is also pretty epic: figs, gorgonzola, ham and mozzarella. Yes please! Plus, they do an Aperol Spritz like no other, complete with olives.

South Sudan – Stew and Sudanese Coffee

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a big bowl of tasty slow cooked beef curry, eating with your hands as you slurp up the stew with kessra flat bread. Except when you add uber strong, cinnamon and ginger spiced Sudanese coffee. If you’ve never tried African food, you’re seriously missing out. We’re loving Cush Sudanese in Moorooka, it’s hidden downstairs at the back of an arcade on Beaudesert Road, and the food is so worth the hunt.

Japan – Sashimi and Sake

Sashimi may be an acquired taste, but here at TUL we consider it delish. Sake, on Eagle Street Pier, is the perfect spot to treat yo’ self to some of Brisbane’s best sashimi: tuna, kingfish, cuttlefish, octopus, salmon roe, scampi… the list goes on. Not only does the sashimi at Sake taste amaze, it also looks stunning.  Obviously, no trip to ‘Japan’ is complete without a sip (or more) or sake, and the aptly named Sake is the perfect spot to indulge your craving. These guys have sake by the barrel; we suggest asking the staff for their pick to be safe.

Germany – Pork Knuckle and Beer

The Bavarian Bier Café will have you feeling like you’re in Germany, except, with Story Bridge views. The pork knuckle is a gigantic ode to Bavarian eating that’s equal parts delicious and show stopping. They’ve also got a bevy of German beers on offer that will have you thinking you’re in the motherland, and may even prompt an unsolicited German accent.

Vietnam – Banh Mi and Iced Coffee

When you think Vietnamese food, the fresh flavours of street food come to mind: bahn mi, pho, soda chanh, you know the ones. While eating epically delicious food is reason enough to splash out on a plane ticket, you really don’t need to with all the Vietnamese food on offer in Brisbane. We’re kind of obsessed with Café O Mai’s banh mi. There’s a mega list of fillings to choose from, and they’re more than willing to go hard on the chilli if you so desire. Plus, their slow drip Vietnamese iced coffee is spot on authentic.

Greek – Syndyasmos Ton Thilon and Ouzo

Hands up if you can’t forget Greece, and still have constant flash backs to your time there? Or hands up if you are having flash-forwards to Greece because you can’t stop thinking about it? We’re guessing that’s everyone. We’ll, thankfully Lefkas Taverna does a killer Syndyasmos Ton Thilon, also known as a dips and hummus. Obviously then you can segue into some lemon potatoes. Ouzo also happens to be the perfect accompaniment, it’s a fact.

Serbia – Deli Snacks and Coffee

If there’s one thing Eastern Europeans absolutely kill it in, it’s cured meats. Brisbane isn’t exactly swimming in Eastern European delis, but there’s one that is so authentic we frequent it quite often: Brusnica Coffee and Deli. Although not Serbian, the Sarajevo Salami is a killer. Plus, Bureks (flaky pastry filled with cheese, beef, onion and more) are made fresh and taste just like the motherland. There’s also hefty amounts of sarma, which are just to die for. Eastern European coffee is seriously strong, so be prepared for a heavy hit of caffeine at Brusnica.

The Middle East – Baghdad Eggs and Chai

The Middle East, while not a country, has flavours that run through the region’s various metropolis’ that seem to run on a common core: lots and lots of flavour and all of the spices. Brisbane icon, Gerard’s Bistro runs off Middle Eastern flavour and their Baghdad Eggs are one of our faves: eggs fried in cumin, garlic, mint and lemon served up on a flatbread with tahini yogurt. Bliss. Of course, you need to pair this with a chai or sweet Turkish tea and you’ve got yourself a perfect meal, minus the plane ticket!

England – Pub Grub and a Gin & Tonic

Ah London, a city of utmost sophistication, style and epic eats. But let’s be real, the best meal you’ll ever eat in London is good old fashioned pub grub and a Gin & Tonic; there’s no denying it. Luckily, you can save yourself hours of cramped, economy travel to old London Town by hitting up London Fields gastro-pub and experiencing the same UK-fare, but on home soil. They do a seriously mean roast, a great lamb shoulder and a modern take on bangers and mash. Plus, they’ll even whip up a G & T for you with lemon, lime, cucumber or whatever the hell you want in it. Winning!

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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