Bachelor Power Rankings | The Top 5

By Sophie Colvin
2nd Sep 2016

We’re down to the top five ladies of this season, meaning that there’s only one more to turf before hometown visits and shit gets real. It’s pretty tricky to split these girls, but if we were betting people, this would be our order in which the bachie girls will be kicked off.

#5 Rachel

It was a toss up for 5th position, but ultimately Rachel is brunette, so there’s no way Richie can legitimately take her to home town visits. Like, is brunettism contagious? To her credit, Rachel is very clear about her willingness to trample anyone and everything in her mission to become queen bachie. Didn’t catch the end of her one-on-one date this week, I fell asleep.

#4 Olena

Olena is great and all, but the mysterious Ukranian princess act is starting to wear thin. I feel as though Olena is like a good piece of art – you keep her hangin’ around because she looks great, but at the end of the day, she's merely decorative. I think Richie will want to go and meet her Ukranian mafia family and get the hell out of there. 10 bucks says she strategically side steps into a modelling career, post bachie.

#3 Faith

We fall a little bit more in love with Faith every time she gets airtime. This season keeps on testing the girls on their suitability to be a mother and house wife, and Faith rose to that cringey challenge in style. A date looking after Australia’s funny man was never going to be smooth sailing, but Faith handled it in giggley fits of fun. Though there wasn’t too much of Richie’s monotone monologues about commitment / igniting a fire / being ready to settle, so maybe he’s #justnotthatintoyou faith

#2 Alex

Alex will be kept around until the top two, partly because she’s very blonde and partly because she’s the only one left that really bring and decent level of ‘crazy’ That kid spiel was next level and Richie’s desire to 'ruuuuuuun!' was barely disguised from his face. Kudos to Alex for her spin on stepfather-hood, she almost had us sold. 

#1 Nikki

This is a pretty simple one – Nikki’s got it in the bag. She turned on the country-girl charm and accepted her fate to have the shittiest, most boring date this season. She’s humble, smokin’ hot and gently puts the girls in their place when they’re being grade A bitches. At the very least, I hope the poor girl wins because she’s fallen haaarrrd. 

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