Boxing…and Coffee? We Check Out the West End Boxing Gym

By aj james
6th Jan 2014

It's safe to say, the West End Boxing Gym is our favorite place to go when seeking a little pain and one hell of a work out (read about the first time we took a class here). 

You could even say it's a real love/hate relationship. We hate the burpees, kettle bell swings and 'bag burn outs' interspersed with jump squats. But… and here comes the love… we can safely say that after each session, we love that we've been and got the endorphins powering for the rest of the day. 

What we also love is that in this space, you'll find all walks of life strapping up their wrists before warm up. You've got students getting the mind switched on before a day of learning, mums fitting in an hour of 'me time' before the rest of the family rise, and those from the workforce 'belting the bag' (maybe visualizing colleagues' faces) before heading into a day of office politics. It's a welcoming place for all ages, and all skill sets. 

And now, there's just one more reason for love West End Boxing Gym. They've moved one street across from their previous Paris Street set up into their new gym in Turin Street. It's been a process for the brothers Khuram, Kamran and the rest of the team, but the new gym trumps the old in several ways, with an increase in the number of bags, new equipment, showers, lack of hard work stench, and… here's our favourite part — the addition of a little coffee nook! 

You see, the street frontage has been transformed into a place for punching participants to caffeinate and chat, pre or post class. The beans are from Espresso di Manfredi, and the baristas are there at all times, making it just another place for all (not just boxers) to grab a coffee in West End. Funnily enough, they've called the sizes middle weight (regular) and heavy weight (large). Get it? Clever. There's soy milk on offer and syrups too for those partial to something a little sweeter, and needing to get their sugar levels up after a hard slog.

Result proven, endorphin producing, punch executing pain with a flat white and side of chat? Yes please. 

TUL Note – They're still conveniently close to Sol Breads, so fresh loaves for breakfast at home are still within reach. Or 60ish metres to be precise. Phew. 

image credit: Pinterest

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