Brisbane’s Getting A Doughnut Drive-Thru, And We’ve Got ZERO Chill

By Shannon Coward
14th Dec 2017


Simply, because we are obsessed with doughnuts. Enough said, really...

Okay, in all seriousness, though, you can't deny us Brisbanites LOVE a dough. Be your poison a classic glaze, jam-filled, oozy Nutella-filled (oooh, fancy) or you're into the whacked out toppings (we're looking at you Doughnut Time), you can't argue that Krisy Kreme does a damn fine OG doughie. 

They know this, and we're totally okay with that. In, what we see as an incredibly generous act of affection for this great city, Krisy Kreme have deemed it too strenuous an activity to enter a store and collect your fave six pack of doughnuts on foot, instead opening a drive-thru store—I mean, generous much??

The first of it's kind in Queensland, Krisy Kreme's drive-thru will be dishing up glazed, carb-tastic goodness from their brand spankin’ new store in Redbank Plains. 

This unabashed ode to the humble doughnut marks a celebration of the brand’s continued faith in Queenslanders and our passionate love affair with doughnuts. Heck, Australia was the first country to open a Krispy Kreme store outside of North America after all. So basically we gave them so much loving they decided to reward us with a freaking doughnut drive thru. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Truly.

Celebrating the drive-thru's opening day, Krispy Kreme will be giving away 7000 free original glazed doughnuts from December 2024. Free doughnuts AND an excuse for an epic road trip? Why, that’s a Christmas miracle if we’ve ever seen one.

For those of you rallying the squad into the car right now (#same), they'll be open from 6am until late every day, meaning you’ll never have an excuse not to satisfy those post-work doughnut cravings. 

If you need us, we’ll ordering a 24-pack and pretending we’re definitely going to share them. Spoiler alert: we’re not.

The Details

What: Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru Grand Opening
When: Wednesday December 20, from 6am
Where: 588 Redbank Plains Road, Redbank Plains

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Image credit: Krispy Kreme

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