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11 CBD Lunches More Exciting Than A Sandwich

By Phoebe Lee
28th Sep 2015

Brisbane CBD Lunches

Sandwich? More like, Sand-no. We know you guys are sick of eating ham and cheese sandwiches, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to source the very best, most delicious Brisbane CBD lunches that kick your sandwich’s butt.

There’s a whole world of lunch-time favour out there, guys, so start at the beginning and work your way right through to the bottom of our taste-bud inspiring list.

Banh Mi at The Roll Shop

Take a trip to The Roll Shop in Gresham lane to get your chopsticks on some fresh and flavoursome Vietnamese bites. Try a traditional Banh Mi stuffed with mayo and pate, pickled carrot, cucumber and coriander topped with your choice of meat, including sweet glazed grilled pork and lemongrass chicken. They also do some mean rice paper rolls, vermicelli bowls and broken rice.

Duck Gyoza at Harajuku Gyoza

For a Godzilla-size hunger that a sandwich just can’t satisfy, treat yourself to a trip to Harajuku Gyoza on Queen Street. Work your way through the list of delicious gyoza, from pork and chicken through to duck, whole prawn and veggie. If gyoza don’t take your fancy, try the very enticing chicken Katsu curry or Tebasaki wings. For bonus points, wash it down with a Kirin.

Jerked Chicken Burger at Miss Kay’s

Attend to your burger cravings at unique CBD spot, Miss Kay’s. The burgers here are fresh, delicious and absolutely irresistible. Try the Jerked Chicken Burger of jerked spiced chicken, lettuce, tomato, lime, cucumber yoghurt and mayo or the Porky Pig of slow cooked pulled pork, house slaw, picked and sweet BBQ sauce and mayo. Buh-bye sandwich.

Grilled Wagyu Burger at Lennons

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, up to Lennons Restaurant at the Myer Centre end of the Queen Street Mall. The restaurant is a relaxing, glamorous haven from the city and the perfect place to unwind with a downright tasty lunch. Try the grilled wagyu beef burger with tomato relish, gruyere, pickles, smoked bacon, salad and hot mustard may or the BBQ spiced spatchcock with pearl barley, braised peas, tarragon and smoked bacon.

Crispy Skin Chicken at New Shanghai

Visit New Shangai in Queens Plaza for huge range of really good Chinese inspired dishes. Of course there are a number of yummy dumplings to choose from, including pan fried pork pot stickers and beef and coriander dumplings. There’s also crispy skin chicken with steamed rice and garlic and chilli sauce and very flavoursome Zha Jiang noodles with spicy ground pork.

Bibimbap at Maru Korean BBQ

BBQ Koreans at Maru! No, wait. Eat Korean BBQ at Maru. Yes, that’s right. For a unique way to spend your lunch hour, BBQ your very own Wagyu beef or pork belly. If that doesn’t take your fancy, try the ziggle spicy chicken or ziggle teriyaki. There’s also hot some pot on offer, including Korean favourite, Bibimbap.

DIY Burger at Miel Container

The small but mighty Miel Container on the corner of Mary and Albert Streets serves up some really great burgers, perfect for those lunch time cravings. You can also custom design your very own burger, choosing your bun, protein or veggie patty, cheese, toppings, sauce and veggie fillings. There’s a set menu of burgers too and each comes with a generous helping of beer battered chips.

Zucchini and Pumpkin Falafel at Kitchen Sanitarium

The guys at Kitchen Sanitarium have developed a great lunch menu sure to dethrone your ham and cheese sanga. Stop in for zucchini and pumpkin falafel with dukkah spiced salad of quinoa, parsley, cucumber, sprouts, pistachio and pomegranate. They also serve up an amazing lentil and five bean chilli that’s perfect for vegetarians who crave chilli con carne. You just can’t go past this place for a healthy, tasty lunch.

Rice Paper Rolls at Roll’d Vietnamese

With three outlets in the CBD, there’s no excuse not to visit Roll’d for lunch. There are a lot of really great options to choose from, including Banh Mi, Pho, noodle and rice bowls and, of course, Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Choose from options like barramundi, soft shell crab and avo, chicken breast, chicken, prawn and pork. They’re light, delicious, filling and go down brilliantly with a side serve of crispy chicken ribs.

Snickers Delight Acai Bowl at Kiss the Berry

Need a healthy that option that sort of resembles eating a bowl of ice cream for lunch? We thought so. Try one of the amazing bowls on offer at Kiss the Berry on Creek Street. The Snickers Delight includes organic acai, banana, raw cacao powder, almond butter, coconut water and almond milk topped with handmade granola, banana, coconut, raspberries and raw cacao nibs. Holy yumballs!

BBQ Pollo Pizza at Vapiano

Got a hankering for pizza and pasta? Ah, yes, who doesn’t?! Then take your lunch break at Vapiano. The team make their pizza and pasta dough from scratch each morning, so you know it’s authentic, fresh and delicious. Try the Barbecue Pollo pizza of chicken breast, red onions, smoked cheese on a homemade blended tomato and barbecue sauce, topped with mozzarella.

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