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Your Hair Colour is All Wrong, Here’s Why

By Desta Cullen
11th Dec 2015

Ho, ho, ho quickly becomes no, no, no when you realise that Christmas—and the ensuing festive parties—is less than two weeks away, your roots are showing, and you hair is more brassy, bedraggled straw than tousled beach goddess.

Gah, what’s a girl to do?

Enter Brisbane hairdresser Epic Hair Designs (with salons in Cannon Hill, Bardon, Kenmore, Newmarket, Mt Gravatt, Norman Park and Springfield Lakes), with their colour correcting prowess, and bad-ass haircuts and colours, to save you from festive season faux pas like the (Christmas tree) angels they are.

The bad-hair-colour ghosts of Christmases past and future will definitely be busted with these top tips for getting your hair colour corrected just in time for the summer season.

Nothing’s going to hold you back from holiday hair hotness. 

(The Epic team have some pre-Christmas appointments available so book in now!)

What’s It All About?

Colour correction is the process of going either two shades darker or two shades lighter for a refresh of your existing colour. The Epic Hair team chat you through the options before even touching your hair to make sure everybody has the same vision in mind. Making for glorious hair all summer long, of course. 

Colour Code

Blonde Ambition

No matter if you are blonde or just aspiring, the world is your oyster; foils, ombre, or babylights are perfect for summer’s festivities and Epic’s team are boss at them all. They’ll pick a perfect shade for your skin tone and create a signature blonde that’s all yours. 

Fiery Red

A Christmas totes appropes shade of red is on Santa’s good list and there’s plenty to choose from at Epic. Going from blonde to red is usually a two-step process; step one is ‘filling’, aka giving depth to the hair by re-adding the warmer undertones, and step two is applying the personalised target shade found during consultation.

Flex That Olaplex

Heard of olaplex yet? It’s the fancy pants new tech in hair colouring promising to protect your locks against damage, while strengthening so you can go from blonde to brown, to red back to blonde within the space of a few visits, and still have hair. It’s a super easy to use treatment applied initially in salon, and then at home to maintain.

No more straw hair either because olaplex will make your hair feel stronger and closer to your natural feeling hair and can significantly reduce your amount of visits to the salon to get the desired result. 

The secret is in the hair protection, which allows your hairdresser to use more peroxide—without fear of your hair dissolving—meaning the colour correction can be done in one, not three visits. An awesome win for serial dyers, tbh!

The Time is Now

We’ll let you in on a little secret: as much as we love getting our hair did, it can be a tad tedious sitting in that chair for hours and hours. Agreed? Yep, we thought so… Which is why you’ll be chuffed (is ecstatic too strong an emotion?) to find out that this simple pep up can be done in just 2-4 hours. Ergo, more time for cocktails. 

The Final Touch

Obviously, your new ‘do needs to look super fetch when you walk into the partay (or out onto the street even) so the Epic crew will finish that oh-so-perfect colour off with a beautiful bouncy curl or straighten. Now get down to the business of making merry.

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Image credit: Haarfarbe Dunkelblonde

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