Brisbane’s Best Peanut Butter Everything

By Brooke Falvey
13th Jun 2016

Please note: This post contains nuts. 

If you’re a nutter for peanut butter, this list is for you. (But if you’re an arachibutyrophobe: someone with a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, this may not be your cup of tea).

Now that winter is here, we can finally forget about working towards our bikini bodies and celebrate by getting stuck into some peanut butter and, having made it out of the jar and into some of the coolest venues Brisbane has to offer, you can get your PB hit morning, noon and night!  

While we continue to search for someone who looks at us the way we look at a new jar of PB, let’s pay tribute to this wonderful spread with this list of Brisbane’s best peanut butter everything.

South Side Diner 

South Bank

You know those first dates that are so good they leave you smiling to yourself for hours afterwards? That’s how you’ll feel after having the First Date Shake, a peanut butter and jelly masterpiece, from South Side Dinner.

Buffalo Bar


Buffalo Bar have jumped on the PB bandwagon with the Dessert Dog, a gluten-free banana and peanut butter hot dog, fully loaded with peanut butter caramel, candied bacon and cream with a cherry on top!

Alfred & Constance 

Fortitude Valley

Peanut butter tastes best with either a) banana or b) chocolate. The Nutella pancakes with fresh banana and peanut butter at Alfred & Constance ticks all the boxes. Wash them down with The Nutter, a freakshake made with Reese's Pieces, roast peanuts and a mini choc sprinkle donut. 

I Heart Brownies

Fortitude Valley

Take your love to the next level with a Brownie Sundae at I Heart Brownies. Take one warm peanut butter brownie and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle in salted caramel. 

Kettle & Tin


Just after a beverage and not an entire dish? Run, don’t walk to the Given Terrace eatery Kettle & Tin for a big tin milkshake with house made chocolate sauce, a more than generous dollop of PB, vanilla ice cream and milk.

Lick Ice Cream


Should you find yourself in the western suburbs, be sure to nip into Lick Ice Cream for a scoop (or two) of their Crunchy Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Chip ice cream. Pit stops don’t get much tastier than this.


South Bank, Chermside

Satisfy your sweet tooth and unleash your inner artist by creating your own ‘naked pop’ at Cowch. We suggest starting with Lick’s Smooth Peanut Butter ice cream before going nuts (pun intended) with toppings.

Image credit: Pinterest

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