Brisbane’s Best Yoga for Crossfit

By Desta Cullen
17th Aug 2014

Not long ago a little flyer featuring the words 'Yoga for Lifting' made it's way on to our desks. 

We were intrigued. Although the only lifting we do on a regular basis is fork to mouth (hazard of the job), we know all the cross-fitters out there are mad-keen on the whole weight lifting thing, but we didn't know they were so keen on yoga.    

Add to that the fact that we love a decent niche trend here at The Urban List, and you have yourselves a round up. 

Plus, it makes sense you know? All that crunching, lifting and curling may lead to a hot bod' but it also makes for pretty tightly coiled muscles.

So, in the name of making sure your bulk is lean as well as mean, we've found some of the best yoga in Brisbane for all the cross-fitters and lifters of this fine city.

Zenergy | Windsor

With a crew of personal trainers who specialise in exercise physiology, Zenergy, is go to for caveman-style exercise (the group sessions are great for beginners too), but they also offer a cross-fit tailored yoga class to soothe those muscles. 

Function Well | Newstead

This holistic gym — they will help you plan all parts of your body transformation — have recently started running their special yoga for lifting classes, right in the heart of Newstead. Function Well's class is aimed at resolving any niggling pain issues, improving your performance and preventing injuries that arise from all that iron pumping. 

Fusion Wellbeing | Kelvin Grove

Beck and her healthy-as team at Fusion Wellbeing in Kelvin Grove offer massage, nutrition and personal training as well as use of the light and airy gym facilities with their memberships. The yoga class focuses on minimising the risk of workout related injuries, and general yogic goodness.   

Cultivate Calm | Woolloongabba

Your sore muscles and bones will appreciate Cultivate's restorative style of yoga as you yin or vinyasa your way to ultimate limberness. Super affordable and flexible membership options make it an east side fave.  

Shri Yoga | Teneriffe

Shri Yoga's new Teneriffe studio is home to a range of classes for all yoga tastes and that work really well for runners, cross fitters and those with targeted needs. Book in for Shri Yoga's 'Yoga for Cross Training' workshop on 7th of September for some specialised stretching. 

Anchor Training | Kelvin Grove

Anchor Training take their serious workouts with a healthy dose of fun. Not only are they the champs at running group fitness classes that will make you forget all about repetitive body pump classes, but they also know the importance of down days. The yoga class is designed specifically for people who undertake their rigorous training programs, but everyone is welcome! 

Want more yoga in Brisbane? Here are Brisbane's best hot yoga studios, and Brisbane's best yoga.

Have you tried yoga for crossfit in Brisbane? 

Image Credit: Magni CrossFit

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