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Brisbane’s Getting A Deadpool Themed Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!

By Jessica Pridmore
14th Feb 2017

Valentines day Brisbane

‘Roses are red, violets are blue, this day sucks and so do you’. Erm, okay, so the big day where everyone’s meant to declare their love in an embarrassingly grand gesture of some sorts is here. Even our office has come over all soppy, listening to love songs (no more Ronan Keating, for the love of all that’s holy!), giving each other awkward cuddles and chowing down on heart-shaped lollies—it’s enough to make you sick… if you’re not into this soppy love stuff.

If like some of us, Valentine’s Day is your idea of a living hell, then your dark rotten heart is in luck; Brisbane legends-come-cocktail shaking extraordinaires at Cobbler are hosting their infamous Anti-Valentine’s day party—Deadpool style!

Tonight, head down to Cobbler for the most anti-Valentine’s Day night you can possibly imagine; no plush cartoon hearts, no bunches of roses or box of chocolates, just a night based on Deadpool’s small baby hand—yes, from 'that' film. Gross!

Whether you’re coupled up (just no PDA’s, please) or flying Hans Solo, Cobbler will be serving up the hard stuff; crazy-good cocktails and award-winning whiskies designed to help you completely forget Saint Valentine, plus you know, a rank theme that couldn't be more un-romantical if it tried.

We'll meet you there...

The details

When: Tuesday 14th February, 5pm–1am
Where: Cobbler, West End

For all the details, check out the event page here.

Image credit: Fox Movies

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