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Melbourne’s Infamous Cookie Sandwiches Are Popping Up In Brisbane!

By Jessica Pridmore
2nd May 2017


Cancel ALL OF YOUR PLANS and get your arse down to West End, because something big, like, really effing huge big is happening this weekend in Brisbane: Butterbing cookie sandwiches are popping up. HOLD. US. BACK.

For those not up to speed with the glorious creation that is a Butterbing cookie, allow me to explain in descriptive, overtly sexual foodie terms: gooey saucy middle, crunchy-but-chewy cookie shell, love child of a cookie, a brownie and a sandwich, Butterbing is a Melbourne baking institution you needed to try, like, yesterday.

In what can only be described as the definition of community spirit, the good crew at Morning After in West End are spreading actual joy, facilitating a Butterbing pop-up so we can all get our hands on these disgracefully delicious desserts.

We’re picturing a human version of a Hungry Hungry Hippos type scenario, but trust us, Butterbing cookies are so, so worth it.

Just to make things interesting, if you ‘gram your Butterbing cookie and enter Morning After’s Instagram comp, you’ll go in the running to win a 1.5kg Butterboom—that’s one bloody giant cookie.

So drop by, pick up as many as your hands/bag/friends can carry—they won’t be around for long.

The details

What: Butterbing Cookie Pop-Up
When: Saturday 6th–Sunday 7th May, 7am–4pm
Where: Morning After, West End

Image credit: Butterbing 

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