Dad-Approved Dinners | Brisbane’s Best Slow Cooked Meat

By Penny Kidd
7th Sep 2014

Yes, we know an eye fillet or lamb cutlet seared over an open flame can be hard to beat. But come on, those guys are the equivalent to the prom king and queen — they were born beautiful, requiring very little fuss or prepping.

What about the ugly duckling pieces of meat that would be effectively like chewing on a leather boot if not for a bit of TLC?

We're talking shoulders, cheeks, shanks and knuckles — all those incredible cuts that fall to pieces on your fork with a good old slow roast. And what is 3–4 hours in the oven in the grand scheme of things if you end up with such sweet perfection?

We're drooling as we write this and are proud to bring you the best slow cooked meats in Brisbane, from some of the best restaurants in Brisbane.

Braised, stewed, pulled or smoked — they're all here for you.

Luscious lamb

Hatch & Co's slow cooked lamb shoulder dressed with garlic, lemon, watercress, and braising jus.

Ribs and Burgers' marinated lamb ribs, slow cooked for 8 hours, then grilled and caramelised with their secret basting.

Pony — bring your friends and chow down on a 1.2kg portion of Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder, slow roasted for 8 hours, served with chimmichurri.

Perfect pork

Jetty Southbank's braised pork shoulder ragout with pappardelle, snow peas, parsley and toasted hazelnuts.

German Club's slow roasted pork knuckle with fried potatoes, sauerkraut, and smoked beer gravy.

Alfred & Constance's slow roasted pork belly with smoky cauliflower puree and roasted pear.

Billy Kart Kitchen's pulled Berkshire pork shoulder sandwich with sugerloaf slaw and baja sauce.

Best of slow cooked beef

Getta Burger's Getta Boss burger with 12 hour smoked beef brisket, double cheese, pickles, jalapeños, crispy bacon, and BBQ sauce. 

Ole's Mejillas de carne (beef cheeks braised in pedro ximénez) with caulifower puree.

All else that is good in the world of slow cooking

Pearl Café's slow braised duck ragu served with stone ground organic polenta, pecorino and cumquat.

Bitter Suite's braised goat with spiced lentils, cauliflower and lime pickle yoghurt.

TUL Note: Penny is a freelance food writer and obsessive cook, who has returned to Brisbane after ten years living in the UK and Melbourne. She is currently taking her passion for sweet treats one step further and learning the skills to become a pastry chef from her culinary idols, documenting her experiences through her blog Project Pastry

Image credit: Esquire

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