Drop Everything! We Know Where To Get Breakfast Yiros

By Jessica Pridmore
27th Jun 2017


Literally stop what you’re doing right now. STOP IT. Nothing beats a yiros after a big night out (where else will you find all the best people after 1am?) but what happens when you wake up? Don’t we deserve something better than a Big Mac? Don’t we?

Well, some goddam genius has recognised we brisbaneites deserve a breakfast of true champions, and that my friends, comes in the other-worldly form of a breakfast yiros. A humble yiros stuffed with bacon, haloumi, slathered in tomato relish and BBQ sauce.

Shut up and take my money, my phone and my inhibitions!

It truly is a thing of beauty. The bunch of legends over at The Yiros Shop know all too well the way to our hearts—that’s with food, if somehow you weren’t picking up what I’m putting down—by way of chips in yiros, but a breakfast yiros? Now we’re merely putty in your hands.

For now, these delectable breakfast wraps are only available at the Cannon Hill store before 12pm, but with people power, we could get these puppies rolling out across town.

Now, wouldn’t that be something? Get there. NOW.

Image credit: The Yiros Shop

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