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Everywhere To Get Edible Cookie Dough In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
31st Aug 2017


Anyone desperate for the next big foodie thing better start waxing your board because you will want to ride this wave. Enter, edible cookie dough.

Now, I know this maybe doesn’t sound legit health and safety-wise BUT HEAR ME OUT because the rules for edible cookie dough are different to the rules for edible cookies. For a start, the flour for edible cookie dough is heat-treated so there are no raw wheat nasties giving you grief; and there’s hardly any need for eggs because the batter doesn’t get baked, but if used they pasteurise the hell out of ‘em.

Here in Brisbane we’re audibly humming with excitement because the southeast just happens to be home to a neat trio of spoonlickers bringing edible cookie dough to a weekend market near you.

Edible cookie dough is happening, people. Dig in:

Doughy Cookie Dough 

Eagle Farm Sunday Markets

Touted as Brisbane’s very first purveyors of this world-rockin’ treat, Doughy Cookie Dough has become well known at Eagle Farm’s Sunday Markets for their sweet and vibrant vanilla M&M cookie dough, the perfect companion on a market wander. If veganism is your main jam, Doughy has also got you covered with their double chocolate chip dough that is an egg- and butter-free zone. That’s guaranteed funtimes and bandwagon joyrides without a scrap of animal protein!


Coming soon to Brisbane's markets

We’ve been hotly anticipating Kuki’s debut on our market agenda ever since their battered wares crossed our Insta-feed and made us do a double take. Edible cookie dough has been compared to ice cream as it comes serves in cups or cones, but Kuki really takes this seriously. So far their teaser creations have duped even the most keen-eyed foodies for their resemblance to ice cream, complete with drizzles and sprinkles. Kuki is expected to launch on the market circuit very, very soon with three premier flavours: the Original; the Chocolate, with chocolate cookie dough and choc chips mixed in; and the PB Crunch, with peanut butter cookie dough, peanuts, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Just Dough It 

Miami Marketta and online

These guys might make roost on the GC, but Just Dough It's super swift doughlivery service send tubs of readily edible cookie dough as far north as Bundaberg. This means that just a few artful taps of a phone screen and some patience is all that stands between you and a tub of delicious, battered glory – welcome to the future! Choose from Just Dough It’s tried and tested flavours or create your own flavour. The team at Just Dough It are committed to your happiness such that every predilection is covered. Can’t handle gluten? Try the gluten free Smart Cookie flavour. Got something to celebrate? Just Dough It offer custom-made dough cakes for any occasion. Can’t decide? Get a four-pack combo and live on cookie dough for a week! If you really can’t bear the delivery time, Just Dough It is also available in single scoops at the Gold Coast’s Miami Marketta on Friday and Saturday nights.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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