PSA: Fast Rail Is Connecting Brisbane To The Sunny Coast In Record Time

By Catherine Blake
18th Jan 2018


As part of a government rail initiative, the North Coast Connect Project aims to enable express trips between Brisbane and the far-off lands of the Sunshine Coast, and they’re predicting that a mere 45-minutes is all that could stand between grim city pavements and soft white sands. 45 minutes! That’s barely the length of that Mad Men episode where Don gets drunk and reveals a dark facet of his past!

How’s it all going to work? Glad you asked. The plan is basically just to lay more track and chuck in a cheeky new rail spur to allow a swifter connection between Brisbane proper and the coastal hub. This means less congestion on the highways, less pollution in the airways, and more frolickers in the ocean waves (#byebrucehwy).  

Car carked it? Hate traffic? Abandoned with nothing but a ticket? Whatever your sitch, this plan for faster rail will solve it. Coming soon to timetable near you. 

Image credit: Sunshine Coast Daily

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