Fitness Trend Alert: Nostalgic Workouts

By Desta Cullen
23rd Aug 2014

There's a reason you still have that dog-eared teddy bear hiding in your wardrobe, and your mum still has that gross old lock of your hair squirreled away somewhere secret: It's called nostalgia. 

This warm and glowy feeling, capable of making even the toughest of cookies misty-eyed, is a powerful motivator. 

It's even strong enough to make us WANT to exercise. Say, whaaat?  

Yep, that's right. Nostalgia and exercise have teamed up to bring you the best, most fun workouts this side of being a kid, and Brisbane's gyms are on board. 

In honour of all of the inner-five-year-olds out there, we've round up the best places in Brisbane to get your nostalgic workout on. 


Remember those spring-filled death traps we used to bounce on as kids? Well, they've had an upgrade in the last 15 years, and now it's a fitness thing, too. Because bouncing on a tramp is no longer the sole domain of children, and it's a darn good workout, there are special trampoline playgrounds springing up (pun alert) all over the place. 

Bounce in Tingalpa, which has more than 50 interconnected trampolines (all with the safety cushioning around the edges), offers a high-intensity, low-impact work out called Bounce Fit that focuses on core strength, muscle tone, and is heaps of bouncy fun. 

Macgregor's Sky Zone has it's own version too — SkyFit — where you can choose from five different targeted classes: cardio, cardio lite, tightbum, xjump (cross-training on a trampoline), and core fit. They're fun but a serious workout nonetheless meaning you can eat all the wings and sweet potato chips in town!*

*FYI, we aren't dietitians or anything, but pretty sure this is a true fact.   

Hula Hoop

Straight from the playground to your favourite Brisbane gyms, it's hard to believe that this is actually a type of exercise. Okay, so there are weights in these hoops, which certainly ups the challenge level, but it's still a workout. Hooping targets all the core muscles, and will get your heart pumping before you even realise you've broken a sweat. Get your hoop on at Pure Health Club's Fithoop class, which, they say, could see you work off up to 600 calories!   

Aerial Ribbons

Most aerial acrobats we've ever seen have rippling abs and uber toned arms, and you'll understand why when you try an aerial ribbons (a.k.a. aerial tissu) class. It's pretty challenging to start with, but well worth it because it works out your core, increases strength and flexibility, and even has a cardio element. Flipside Circus, Anti-Gravity, Your Evolution, Circa and Vulcana all run classes in some form of aerial exercise, for every skill level. 

Roller Skating & Blading

Incidental fitness is our kind of thing, and it doesn't get much more incidental than rolling around a skating rink to get fit. Skate Australia runs a national initiative called SkateFit, which is open for both skaters and bladers. The group fitness class is held at Albany Creek's Skateaway on Tuesday nights. You can hire everything you need there, or dust off your favourite skates, and roll away.      


Basically a bootcamp for circus performers, the CircaFit program makes us want to run away to join the circus. After a whole hour of skipping, aerial silks, and handstands interspersed with some heart-thumping circuit exercises, we were no less enthusiastic, but definitely found some muscles we'd forgotten about! 

The routine changes from week-to-week with a focus on different equipment, body areas and skills so you won't get bored. Held once a week (6:30am Wednesdays) in terms throughout the year, it's a great way to kickstart a flailing fitness regime. Check out Circa's website for more circus-style classes. 

Which nostalgic exercise have you tried at Brisbane's gyms? Have we missed any? 

Image Credit: SurfStitch Blog, Elle France via Fashion Gone Rogue, Bodil Lois, Watchfit

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