An Insane Free-Roam Virtual Reality Course Is Coming To Brisbane!

By Catherine Blake
30th Jul 2017


Any gaming aficionados or die-hard fans of the Matrix, listen up because a brand new multi-sensory experience is coming to Brisbane. It’s called Zero Latency and it will make you question everything about your reality.

Already a HUGE success in Melbourne, this state-of-the-art V-R experience is set to take over a warehouse-sized area in Newstead: Zero Latency allows players to roam freely throughout the space and completely immerse themselves in virtual reality. Fight for survival amidst a zombie apocalypse; defend your brethren from an onslaught of drones; or fight back against a horde of murderous androids with a pack of your most loyal pals.

Perfect for gamers, adrenalin junkies, and anyone afraid of catching a paintball in the neck, free-roam VR is tipped to become the next big thing and perfect if you're looking to take your Laser Force obsession to the next level. 

The Brisbane installment of Zero Latency's technoglorious escapade is projected to open this October on Chester Street. Join the VIP list to stay in the loop, and in the meantime, check out their website for more details on Zero Latency’s virtual wonderland.

Image credit: Zero Latency

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