Guys, We Need To Talk About Brookfield

By Rachel Lay
12th Nov 2016

things to do brookfield

Brookfield is a bit of hidden pocket of Brisbane. Often touted as “not even part of Brisbane” by ignorant northsiders (you know who you are!), there’s a lot going on on this side of town. So much so you’d be a damn fool not to venture over.

This is why Brookfield is sittin’ pretty on our radar of late. Here's some really pretty great things to do in Brookfield.

One Wybelenna

One Wybelenna makes the short drive to Brookfield well worth it; trust us. From the moment you pull into the property home to this stunning spa you’ll be awash with bliss and serenity. The breathtaking architectural home and its native surrounds will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into another, much fancier, more beautiful, world. Stop by for a full day of treatments if you’re looking to fully ‘zen out’ or stop by for a half day and leave the rest of the day for exploring the neighbourhood. Whatever you do though, try the chocolate scrub.

Brookfield Garden Centre

Nurseries may not sound like a whole heap of fun, but trust us with this one. Brookfield Garden Centre is one of Brisbane’s most beautiful nurseries complete with hidden café (more on that later). We suggest leaving plenty of time to traipse and potter through the grounds where you’ll find Fiddle Leaf Figs, Orchids, herbs, natives, gifts, and a whole lot greenery.

Serendipity Animal Farm

Serendipity Animal Farm is a rescue farm for a merry mix of farm animals. You’ll find ducks, camels, lambs, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and the rest of the arc, too. Make sure you chat to the owners to find out each animal’s backstory. Our personal favourite is Bacon, the adorable pig who was rescued from a piggery and now lives out his days wallowing in the mud.

Gold Creek Reservoir

Gold Creek Reservoir is a pretty neat spot. Perfect for hiking and indulging in a picnic or two, you won’t find this in the CBD! Plus, this dam is incredibly old, too—and only the second dam built in Queensland. You can hike the trail in around two hours, or pick and choose your route to make things shorter.

Wild Canary

Wild Canary is a hidden oasis of sorts, located in the gardens behind Brookfield Garden Centre. Packed full of country cottage vibes, fresh herbs and veggies this is an all-round delight. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or just coffee and prepare to ask yourself a million times, 'am I really still in Brisbane?'. Order the prawns and you won’t look back.

Brookfield General Store

Brookfield General Store is the actual best. One foot in the door and tou’ll feel as if you’re deep in the countryside, which is the best part! Stop by for ribs, wood fired pizza, breakfast (you must order the Brookie breakfast roll) or lunch. There’s also general supplies on offer too, like fresh blooms and lots of chocolate.

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Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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