Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Allira Sher
11th Jun 2018


We've used their astrological powers to give you a *highly accurate* prediction of what you can expect from the week ahead, and it’s some That’s So Raven sh*t. Deep breaths, guys, here’s what you’re in for this week.


It’s been a hard couple of months, Aquarius, we get it. But don't fret, we see good things coming for you. Whether it's transitioning into a new role for work, meeting the love of your life, or just buying that new winter coat you’ve been obsessing over for months, we see sunshine, rainbows and lollipops for you this week.


Ahhh, our water babies. Don't forget there are plenty of fish in the sea. While the realm of love and romance may seem unobtainable for you at the moment, always remember to keep your door open. We see someone extremely special swimming into your pond very, very soon.


Everyone feels a little lost at some point in their lives, Aries. Remember that everything happens for a reason and the stars always align when they’re supposed to. The fogginess you feel now will soon be cleared.


You’re a bull, we get it. It’s in your nature to be feisty. But make sure that you channel your anger into something positive this week. If you’re not mindful of other people’s feelings during times of conflict, it could end badly for you. Breathe in, breathe out.


Out with the old, in with the new, Gems. If there's something in your life that is keeping your chin down, now is the time to cut the cord. We’re sick of hearing about it.


God, things have been going well for you lately, Cancer, and you’re not out of luck just yet either. We see big things in store for you this week if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a few risks. You know what they are…


We understand you like to save your money, Leo, but god damn it is time for some new get-up. Don’t be afraid to treat yo’self to a new ‘drobe this weekend. We give you permission.


You’re a workaholic, Virgo. You love the daily grind and you give everything 100 per cent. It’s one of your best traits. But please remember that work-life balance is important, too. Go for a long walk or stretch it out in some hot yoga. You’ll thank yourself.


Food glorious food! You’re an over-indulger, that’s for sure. But lately, you’ve been indulging waaaay too much. Switch that cupcake for an apple from time to time and stay away from those doughnuts…mmmmm doughnuts.


You're in need of a facelift or a serious attitude adjustment, seriously Scorps. Stop focussing on all things negative and thrust yourself into something positive. Nobody likes a negative Nelly.


Wake up and smell the roses! They’re just not into you. Excuse the harshness, Sagittarius, but someone had to tell you. Take this long weekend to work on yourself. Spend time with your friends and have tea with your mother. You’ll feel better soon.


One drink, two drink, three drink, floor. We understand that the long weekend is coming up and that it would be rude not to treat yourself to a few glasses (bottles) of wine, but do be careful, Capricorn. No one wants to hold your hair back this weekend while you spill your cuts out on Fitzroy Street. Remember, water is key!

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Image credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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