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Humidity Hair Hacks For This Summer

By Ange Law
21st Dec 2016

Humidity hair hacks for Summer

Oh summer, you fickle little beast, you. Just as you start showing your pretty little face and get us all excited for warm beach days, you slap us with thick humidity and an endless supply of flies. It just makes it really hard to LOVE you and to be honest; it’s your own damn fault. 

And while we can’t really do anything about the flies (ew), what we can do is help a sister, or brother, out with the affects of our true arch nemesis: humidity. It’s the cause of frizz and makes us doubt our brand new (and frankly, rockin’) summer haircut and we’re jack of it. Which is exactly why we begged Anthony Nader, Sydney’s hair extraordinaire, to give us any and all of his tips for combating humidity this summer. You’re welcome, guys. 

#1 Say CYA To Fly-Aways

This trick is absolutely golden and has the added bonus of re-purposing an old faithful beauty product that is probably due for the bin. We’ll explain–spray some hairspray onto one of your old blush brushes and smooth that little guy over your pain-in-the-arse fly-aways and voila, you’ll be all smoothed over. This is one of the many nuggets of wisdom that we’ve stolen from Anthony Nader (of RAW by Anthony Nader and hair editorial infamy), and while he admits that it may sound a bit strange, he also swears by it, which is good enough for us. 

#2 Nix The Bon Jovi Look

To avoid rocking the Bon Jovi shag hair from the 90’s (i.e. no ones idea of cute), kindly ask your hairdresser to go easy on the texturising and razoring when you go for your seasonal hair refresh. Anthony says that it’ll make your hair look weak and brittle, which will kick the affects of humidity up a notch and definitely won’t give you the healthy and clean hair you want.

#3 Lay Off The Bleach

So apparently we’ve been doing summer hair wrong for a looooong time, because bleaching your hair (yes, even just the ends) dries out your hair, leaving them weak and powerless against the beast—humidity. So instead of heading to the salon to have your locks lightened for summer, let the sun work its magic over and lay off the bleach, so you’ll have more of a sun kissed look, rather than being just frizzy and dry. 

#4 Keep It Cool

Basically our mission in life, right? This one’s simple, we promise. Once you’re done bowing out your hair (if you’re that kind of gal or guy), and you’re all done with your brushes, hit your hair with the cool shot button on your drier. Anthony promised us that it’ll not only set the shape, but will also control your nasty fly aways and keep your frizz in check.

#5 Sleep In–You’re Totally Worth It

Sleeping is high on our to-do list (like wayyyy up), so we obviously begged and pleaded with Anthony to help us look like respectable humans, while being as lazy as humanly possible. His tip is simple: whip your hair up into a twisted braid (twisted, so not a real braid), starting from one side of your head and wrap it all the way around, to create a crown or tiara affect. Secure your tail with a couple of clips or bobby pins and you’re done. Because sometimes the best way to tackle humidity ravaged hair is to just get rid of it. 

#6 Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Not only important when you’re nearing the end of a big night and trying to decide whether you can be bothered knocking back a big glass of water (best make it two), your summer hair is thirsty AF. Once the warmer months approach, bringing our nemesis, humidity, with it, invest in a super luxe, heavy conditioning cream and apply it only on the mid lengths and ends of your hair. We love the Supershine Moisturizing Cream by Oribe, because it works and also looks really pretty in our bathrooms. 

#7 Wake Up With A Cold Burst

We’ve left Anthony’s fave tip ‘til last and it might be our favourite as well, mainly because it’ll buy us all an extra day or two between washes. Jump into the shower and rinse your hair in the coolest possible water that you can handle (we’re not kidding) and then blot your hair dry. Try not to rub the hair dry, because this will agitate the strands and make them frizzy, giving humidity the upper hand before you’ve even left the house. Finish off by combing your hair with a wide toothed comb, like this one so you don’t get massive knots and then let your hair dry au naturale. 

If you want even more tips on how to master your hair, check this out

Image credit: Ulas And Merve

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