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Lose The Tinsel | 7 Not Naff Christmas Decorations

By Phoebe Hurst
14th Dec 2013

As a tradition passed down to us from devout Christians in 16th century Germany, a lasting symbol of light and hope, and, more importantly, the place where the presents are stashed, the Christmas tree is the sparkling centrepiece of any festive celebration. 

In reality, things aren't always so... sparkling. Far from being a freshly pruned Norwegian fir, our Christmas tree usually comes in the form of squashed PVC with a smell that's more garage musk than evergreen breeze. Add some dusty baubles and a few too many reams of tinsel, and you've got a faux shrub that even the most virtuous of angels would refuse to sit atop.   

It's high time we showed our sorry trees some love and adorned them with handmade decorations from local designers. Paper Boat Press' Christmas range includes an intricately painted clay wreath, and Everingham & Watson have torn up the Christmas animal rulebook with their pressed metal gum nuts ornament (penguins are overrated, anyway). Or, if you're feeling particularly avant garde, we love the idea of adorning your tree with brooches and other non-traditional trinkets, like the uber cute Ziggy Stardust brooch from New Farm's Thousand Island Dressing.

If you want to ditch the tree altogether, Bouquet Boutique on Merthyr Road can create a unique living wreath just for you. Christmas tree? We say it's all about the Christmas Clematis this year. 

1. Plastic decorations are so '80s. Have the team at Bouquet Boutique put together a unique, gorgeous living wreath for your Christmas table or doorway. [TUL Tip: Spray your wreath with water every now and again and it will live for weeks!]

2. Mark them as your own, and get all the kudos that home-made presents deserve. The 'Home-Made' Cookie Stamper from Biome is a practical, and can be hung from the tree!

3. We like to get creative when we're decorating, and it often pays to think outside the box with your tree decorating. The Ziggy Stardust Brooch from New Farm's Thousand Island Dressing is our pick for a unexpected tree adornment ($26). Or, if you're after something more traditional, the Thousand Island team have a gorgeous range of Christmas decorations in store (and online)! 

4. We are always keen to embrace a touch of Australiana at Christmas time. The Pressed Metal Gum Nuts from Everingham & Watson bring just the right amount of kitsch. ($10)

5. Love the smell of a house after a batch of cookies has come out of the oven, but too busy/lazy to bake? The Sweet Cinnamon Oil from Kova Lifestyle is the cheat's guide to olafactory merriment.  

6. Glass baubles are nice, but this classic Horn Christmas Bauble from Kova Lifestyle is better. 

7. Makers or charming ceramic decorations, Paper Boat Press have hit the right note between fun and festive with their Large Spotty Star. ($15.95)

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