New Superfood: Would You Try Camel’s Milk?

By Sophia McMeekin
26th Aug 2014

Adventurous lot that we are, we would usually take the challenge of trying an, ahem, interesting new dairy alternative in our stride. But even we were slightly grossed out by the new super food in town. 

Camel's milk comes with the required media hype and health benefits to fit the super-food bill (Hard to find? Check. Vaguely repugnant? Yep! Formerly the staple of a nomadic people? You bet your ass.).

So, with 'My Humps' blaring, we asked if anyone would put their hand up and try this new wonder swill. Reactions from the team were unsurprisingly in the negative.

'I imagine it tastes like a zoo smells', said one. 

Lucky for us, camel's milk is relatively tricky to get your hands on at the moment, but with plans for Australian camel dairy farms in the works it could be only a matter of months before you see this new milk alternative on supermarket shelves and in your local cafe.

Touted as being more refreshing than cow's milk, camel's milk is a delicious 'pure white' colour and lower in fat than cow's milk (so no, it won't make your humps bigger). Add to that the fact that it is easily digested by lactose intolerants, and you're onto a winner (maybe).

Camel's milk is also rich in Vitamin C, unsaturated fats, iron, and B vitamins. Also—and we're not experts or anything—we're pretty sure it's paleo? BONUS!

Our immediate aversion to camel's milk does raise the question of why we're so keen to guzzle a cow's milk but not that of his hairy cousins. A hooven hairy thing is a hooven hairy thing, amirite? 

With the lean towards 'extreme' coffee varieties getting more acceptable by the day (we've done filter, bulletproof, that coffee that's been pooed out by a jungle rat, even SOY, for christ's sakes) maybe the time has come for us to give camel's milk coffees a go?

It can't be worse than Nescafe43.

Have you tried the new super food, camel's milk? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

image credit: Jonty Man

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