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Our Picks of The Ekka Showbags

By Sophia McMeekin
6th Aug 2014

Because we're incredibly mature, when we hear 'Ekka', our first thought is always the little disposable bag of joy that is the humble showbag. This year, there are over 350 to choose from, and the line-up includes all the classics—childhood delights we thought had been discontinued in the late '90s, more Warheads than you can poke a stick at, and some treats for the grown ups, too. 

We've tirelessly sorted through them all and chosen our picks of the bunch. 

Here's our edit of the best showbags at the Ekka in 2014.

Darrell Lea Pig Out Bag $18

Pigging out is what we plan on doing this Ekka, so this showbag is both appropriately named and worth hunting down, come show time. Lumped full of all your Darrell Lea faves, like peanut brittle, Rocklea road, and chocolate peanut clusters, it's on the expensive end of the showbag spectrum, but worth it.

Full o' Fizz Bag $5

Like Honey Boo Boo Child on a pixie-dust bender, a bit of Wizz Fizz will do wonders for your Ekka-exploring energy levels. This sherbety showbag has over 20 sugar-packed baggies of fun for you to inhale. Pace yourself, kids.

The Muppets Bag $22.50

The Ekka's not the Ekka without some wearable paraphernalia to take home. The Muppet Bag comes with a Kermit hat that you can use to embarrass your family, or identify your child in crowds or on fast rides.

Kit Kat $12

No surprises here, the Kit Kat showbag is chockers with Kit Kat's of every dimension. Want a chunky? Mini? Bite-size? How about a Kit Kat branded cooler bag, ideal for Kit Kat storage? You wouldn't want those suckers to melt!

Morish Macadamia Showbag $35

If mounting the Zipper on a sugar high isn't your idea of a great day out, you're clearly insane, but, regardless, you might enjoy this nutty showbag packed full of macadamias.

The Greatest Showbag on Earth $22

With a name like that it would want to be at least above average. You'll be happy to know this showbag includes Zappos, a fake moustache set, and an inflatable baseball bat among other highly coveted Ekka treats.

Oreo Bag $10

Get your cookie monster on with the Oreo Showbag. This bag contains a surprisingly hefty selection of America's favourite cookie, in various flavours and forms. BYO glass of milk.

The Natural Confectionary Company $10

Well, well. Look at you avoiding artificial colours and flavours at the only time of year when you can publicly admit to loving fairy floss. If you'd rather you (or your children) didn't crash and burn coming down from a sugar high than this au naturel showbag is the go.

Snickers Bag $10

Not just full of our favourite nutty chocolate bar, the Snickers bag is generously padded out with funsize Twix, Bountys, and Maltesers. We dare you to make it last the day.

Which showbag have you got your eye on at this year's Ekka? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit: Kristie Does PDX

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