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A Hectic Plant Market Is Happening This Weekend!

By Catherine Blake
31st Jul 2018


It can’t have escape anyone’s notice that plants and ceramics are slowly taking over the lives of young hip kids in the here and now. The pursuit of flora and hand-made bowls has replaced brunch on our weekend agendas, and nothing brings us more joy than to sit back and marvel at a bright and blooming domestic jungle taking over the living room, not even a French bulldog at a farmer’s market.

Coming soon to give the people what they want, The Plant Market is exactly what you’d expect: a hectic symposium of everything planted and pottable. The sheer range of plants available is extreme, and the whole place will be bustling with experts and long-time enthusiasts so if you were thinking of jumping on the plant bandwagon, The Plant Market is the best place to get you started.

Literally everything plant-centric you can think of is going to be going off including established plants from The Botanist, hand-thrown ceramics by Billeta Wood, and a stonking variety of pots, vases and planters, as well as cakes from Hansel & Gretel and a coffee van to keep you fuelled. The Botanist will also be manning a potting station to help you give your new sprout the best start.

The array of plants on offer promises to be expansive so depending on the greenness of your thumb you can opt in for an easy low-maintenance monstera, or take on the challenge of a fickle banana plant. And if you’ve got a knack for resurrection, The Plant Market will also have a plant adoption centre where you can pick up a previously unloved plant and nurse it back to glory for absolutely free. By the same token, if you can’t even keep a succulent going (no judgement, I literally kill all of mine) you can put it up for adoption and get around some un-killable ceramics.

The Plant Market kicks off this Saturday 4 August at 10am, so swing by, have a gander, and take your chances finding your soil mate.

The details

What: The Plant Market
When: 10am-2pm, Saturday 4 August
Where: Albion Peace Centre, Windsor

For more details, check out The Plant Market website.

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