Porque No Los Dos? Spanish Dining For Dummies

By Jessica Pridmore
13th Aug 2015

Don’t get me wrong; I love a good sausage sizzle as much as the next blue-blooded Aussie (Bunnings is defs my spirit animal). I am also partial to the gastronomical delights of a pattie in a bun with T-sauce. Classic.

But, being the greedy-guts that I am, I’m a bit of a fickle pickle when it comes to my cuisine crushes. Trying new foods is my jam, and lately I’m hooked on dishes of the Español persuasion…

Tucked away in the M&A centre off Ann Street, Gordita—the soulful Spanish sibling to iconic Brisbane venue Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall and Sonny’s House of Blues—literally brings a bit of caliente culture to a city in the grip of Uncle Sam’s.

If your Espanola lingo requires a bit of a brush up, and the closest thing you’ve tried to Spanish cuisine is Old El Paso’s salsa dip (mild, just like your personality), then it’s high time you literally lift the lid on culinary exploits, and book a seat at Gordita. With ex Survey Co head chef, Nick Stapleton, at the helm, you know it's gonna be bloody good! 

To ease you into dining la forma en Gordita, we’ve put together a list of must-tries from Gordita’s menu. Vamonos!

  • First up, drinks! Order a bottle of Spanish plonk or perhaps a jug of Sangria—if you’re feeling fruity—for you and your pals. Spanish cuisine was designed for sharing so make sure to bring your posse! Editor’s tip: Once a month Gordita puts on ‘Raid the Cellar’, giving restaurant-goers the change to try top-shelf wines at half the price! We’ve always wanted to try a 53’ Margaux…
  • To ward off any tummy grumbles, grab some el tentempié (just snacks to you and I). Croquettes are a mainstay on any decent tapas menu, so try them with manchego and pesto rojo, Gordita-style. Definitely get a plate of the chicharrones pork belly; fried with fennel, Nigella seed and orange zest. Because, pork belly…
  • Depending on how hungry you are after the above, you’ve got two choices: 1. Order a bunch of plato pequeños (small plates) and share with your besties. Or 2. Be a total greedy guts and for a la plancha (large plates) all to yourself. Our votes goes to the slow roasted lamb shoulder—bueno!
  • Don’t pretend you don’t want dessert! If we had it our way we’d order one of everything… oh to hell with it; ORDER ONE OF EVERYTHING! It’s a toughie. But the pistachio parfait with honeycomb is our pick.

Wrap up the festivities at Gordita by saying gracias to the chefs; order the kitchen some beers, asking for the Cerveza Para La Cocina! It’s a nice touch, plus they totally earned it.

Now man up and order a round of tequilas, then send you and your merry men on your very merry way. You know you’ll be back!

TUL Note: This article is proudly sponsored by Gordita and endorsed by The Urban List.  Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy. 

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie


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