The 20 Restaurants You’ll Be Dining In This Summer

By Catherine Blake
12th Dec 2016

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Your unofficial weather report predicts sunshine, peak temperatures, and record levels of vitamin D will be hitting Brisbane this summer. Historically this is a dangerous combination for anyone hoping to be productive, so to help you prepare both mentally and physically we’ve narrowed in on a mere 20 of Brisbane's best restaurants that we feel perfectly fit your dining needs this summer and ensure that this season is a smash.

Here's the 20 Brisbane restaurants you'll be eating at this summer:

#1 Greenglass 


Set to start evening service this summer, the newly opened Greenglass is pumped and primed to be the next official watering hole of corporate kids in the know. For guidance, Greenglass’s menu looks to France, the motherland of food obsession, and all the delicate pleasures therein.

#2 The APO

Fortitude Valley

Yes I know we keep going on about it, and yes we understand that it’s been a busy year and you just haven’t got around to checking it out. But we’re going to harp on one more time this year because summertime requires stupefying refreshment and the hip-fangled phantasmagoria that graces the plates at The APO is about as refreshing as food gets.

#3 Seymour’s Oysters And Cocktails


Planted right within earshot of Lefty’s head-boppin’ beats, Seymour’s does pretty much what the sign says; oysters and cocktails. It’s the kind of place where you can wear a bow tie and Nikes and completely nail the classy-casual mood.

#4 Allium

New Farm

Not to be tied down by convention, Allium is just the kind of rebellious badass you need to spice up your summer. Their menu is laden with curveballs, every item enhanced with unexpected ingredients. Get to know the goods with a super quick romp around their tasting menu and figure out what you want to eat next time—trust us there will be a next time. Allium also does Sunday breakfast because they know how important it is to you.

#5 Madame Rouge Bar & Bistro

Fortitude Valley

Forego the aggressive sunshine and escape into the clandestine dinner date of a Parisian in the 1920s. Madame Rouge is all about grassroots French cuisine with a menu featuring all the classics, executed in spades. From gruyere beignets to the most velvety crème brulee that will send you weak.

#6 Remy's


Already stalwarts of the precinct, Remy's is a favoured spot for love and tipples attracting all the cool kids and puppers thanks to their burgers, brews and Sunday sessions. The latter named ritual is more like a party on your best mate’s back deck and has become one of Paddington’s most revered and anticipated social gatherings, which spells sweet vibes for summer.

#7 Melt Brothers


Dedicated grilled cheesery is your new best friend for a crisp and gooey amalgam of excellence and convenience. Melt Brothers are breaking down barriers and redefining chomp with their hefty sangas so succulent they could almost be burgers.

#8 Ben’s Burgers

West End

Some cheeky rebranding has revealed the Bleachers for what it has always been; Ben’s Burgers, Southside Edition. The vibes and burgers are as consistently slamtastic as their Winn Lane sister but the west enders kick it up a notch with house made soft-serve and the best street view to people watch on the entire Boundary Street strip.

#9 Red Robin Supper Truck


Branching off the effervescent and resplendent café Southside Tea Room, the Red Robin Supper Truck is in charge of evenings. The truck is permanently parked out behind Death Valley Bar so tipple up on their rotating taps AND THEN swivel over to the Red Robin Supper Truck for whatever’s hopping on the grill. Guaranteed good beats and good times.

#10 Hello Please

South Brisbane

The latest addition to Fish Lane’s ever-growing arsenal of eateries brings vibrant, tasty dishes to the spice-starved many. It’s open air dining at its finest, treading the delicate line between grunge and cool so you feel like you’re doing something different without being thrust outside your comfort zone. Hello Please won’t break the bank either so it’s ideal for long haul squad lunches.

#11 Birds Nest Yakitori

Fortitude Valley

Following raging success in West End, Birds Nest has launched its yakitori across the brown snake to provide morselled comfort to the punters in Fortitude Valley. The skewers are predominantly chicken so it’s a massive crowd pleaser especially for your mates currently shredding for that elusive summer rig.

#12 Sixes and Sevens

New Farm

The standard darling of summer, Brisbanites can’t get even close to satisfied when it comes to the astroturfed beer garden and cocktail pitchers at Sixes and Sevens. The homey haunt is a solid bet for transitional day-to-evening drinking and with their selection of share plates and gastropub staples you’ll never have to leave.

#13 KoKobana Superfood Café


Beach season basically means frolicking around in spandex knickers, and nothing kills the dream faster than a retrospective on all the burgers you ate this year. Help the summer bod along with some smoothies, açai bowls, and other superfoods at KoKobana. And yes, they do health-amped burgers too.

#14 Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers


Australia’s first ever dedicated ‘gnoccheria’ may be the best thing we’ve ever heard of, and it would be kind of ridiculous to go the entire summer without even trying Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers’ slow-cooked duck ragu gnocchi. It’s great for staving off post-European holiday blues and is also a cheap alternative to hallucinogens.

#15 Aether Brewing


Our wildest dreams take us to some weird and wonderful places but a catered brewery pretty much tops the list. With the arrival of Aether Brewing comes the realisation of a dream for us and for the brains behind it so everyone’s flying high and it’s just a great time to be alive.

#16 Longtime

Fortitude Valley

We’ve been eating there all year so why should summer be any different? Longtime’s flavoursome Thai menu brings the pungency and spice of the streets of south-east Asia to inner city diners with a fresh and modern flair. Such is the tastiness it’s impossible to simply pass through for a quick bite and that’s why they call it Longtime.

#17 Florence Street Coffee


Planted right in the flurry of salty sea breeze and championing premium roasts, Florence Street Coffee is the perfect junction where the city meets the surf. Great for breakfast, lunch or inbetweensies, their menu is a rustic and heartfelt pledge to every visitor that they should leave happier than they arrived.

#18 GOMA Restaurant

South Brisbane

Given that this summer marks ten glorious years of GOMA, it would be an utter travesty not to visit the exhibits and an even greater one if you were to pass up the chance to eat there too. As a restaurant surrounded by extravagant artistic expression, the food at GOMA Restaurant is similarly gorgeous both to admire and to devour—and don’t get us started on the view.

#19 Brisbane Brewing Co.

West End

Nestled down an alley in West End, Brisbane Brewing Co is one of those places for which there is no label wide enough to encompass what exactly they are. It’s more than a bar with food, better than a pub, and too chilled out to be called a bistro. It’s a sociable emporium of bites and brews (their own) and a menu spanning every occasion from cheese plate to degustation with malleable enough offerings to satisfy every palate.

#20 Gauge

South Brisbane

Best known for their mind-blowing breakfasts, Gauge’s lesser-known lunch and dinner service cranks up the innovation to stratospheric levels. Every morsel of their menu is lovingly curated and designed to wow and impress you on a spiritual level, which sure beats Hoyts for summertime entertainment. If you’re going for dinner make sure you order the potatoes.

For even more awesome Brisbane restaurant to try, check out The Directory.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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