The Best Meals Of 2016 In Brisbane So Far

By Catherine Blake
22nd Aug 2016

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A few moments’ sage reflection reveals that 2016 has so far been a thumping good wheeze in the Brisbane dining food stakes and, if the last eight months of munching momentum are any indicator, we’re nowhere near done yet.

The time is prime for a quick recapping of Brisbane’s best meals of 2016 so everyone can get up to speed. We’ve done the rounds and found plenty of new features to get excited about, but we’ve also been revisiting some stalwarts that are just too damn good to neglect.

Thoroughly researched and beholden unto you; these are the dining highlights of 2016 thus far.

  1. The APO’s Moreton bay bugs.
  2. Red velvet hot cakes at Morning After.
  3. The dainty and moreish chicken ribs at Hello Please.
  4. Deep-fried ice cream bao at Bao Down Now, which sure gives Maxibon a run for its money.
  5. The almost sinful lamb breast at e’cco Bistro.
  6. BBQ duck curry at Longtime.
  7. Kentucky burger at Hank’s Burgers & Beers.
  8. Blood tacos at Gauge, a major favourite for fans of Slavic folklore.
  9. Passionfruit éclair at Chouquette.
  10. The sausage McMuffin at Gerard’s Bistro.
  11. Monte Cristo toastie at Fromage the Cow.
  12. Brioche breakfast burger at Republic Coffee Traders.
  13. Jellyfish salad at Sichuan Bang Bang. Seriously, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.
  14. Soft shell crab at Sono.
  15. Spatchcock saltimbocca at Pizzeria Violetta with zucchini fries.
  16. Crushed peas and broad beans on toast at Botero, a fresh departure from the usual avo smash.
  17. Reuben bagel at Wynnum’s Florence Street Coffee – well worth the drive for city slickers.
  18. The mother of all cheeseburgers, Ze Pickle’s Chee-Ze burger.
  19. Penang curry at Rogue Spice Canteen.
  20. Shouk Cafe’s classic shakshouka against which all other shakshoukas are judged.
  21. Greek style chips with feta at The Yiros Shop.
  22. Steak tartare at Hope & Anchor.
  23. Rogue Bistro’s savoury waffles with popcorn chicken.
  24. The raindrop cake at Harajuku Gyoza that makes you feel like an ant in a Pixar movie.

Image credit: Morning After by Yaseera Moosa

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