The Four Cheeses You Can Eat After Exercise

By Charlotte Revill
1st Dec 2015

cheese you can eat after excercise

Every once in a while I see something that restores my faith in humanity - like the time I found out Liam Hemsworth was single, or any animal video ever made - but nothing compares to discovering cheese can be classed as healthy, and is a great option for a post exercise snack. Cheese lovers everywhere rejoice, there is a God!

We firmly believe you should never trust anyone who doesn’t like cheese - or worse, judges how much you grate onto your pasta. Of course, there’s a thin line between healthy snack and slipping even further away from a body like a fitness pro, BUT certain cheeses are actually full of healthy fats, as well as calcium, vitamin A and protein.

We all know cottage cheese is a great option for those on a health kick - but today we're talking about which cheeses pack the biggest protein punch. They also contain all the essential amino acids necessary for the growth and repair of muscles - which are pretty key to when we exercise.

So whilst this doesn’t mean you should crack out the fondue set after every workout, it does mean you can enjoy these bad boys post-work out guilt free. 


Did you know there is a significant link between ricotta and those big containers of protein powder you are guaranteed to find in every fitness fanatic's cupboard? Long story short: Whey Protein comes from cheese making – who’d have known? So why not add Ricotta to your morning smoothie - it’s cheaper than a fancy protein powder, and will give the same creamy texture as yoghurt. My favourite combo at the moment: Blueberry, Ricotta & Avocado.


Halloumi will forever remind me of the veggie burger at Nandos, but is still one of the tastiest cheeses around - and since each ounce delivers an impressive 6g of friendly protein, it’s essential for exercise. Making sure your body is receiving enough protein will help aid muscle recovery, whilst eating a protein rich breakfast will boost your metabolism. For a powerful post-workout breakfast grill up some halloumi slices and serve with a bowl of Smashed Avocado - the perfect combination of protein and good fats. Healthy eating doesn’t get much better or tastier than this.

Blue cheese

You either love it or you hate it, but let me just say this: Blue Cheese has been said to prevent fat forming into cellulite. Started to change your mind a little bit now, haven’t you? Plus, it’s a well known healthy heart food and a great low calorie option - because let’s be honest, a little goes a long way. Since it packs a pretty intense flavour there’s no need to go to overboard with your recipes; keep it simple. Blue cheese is a great addition to a healthy salad: Add it to some grated apple, or roast up your favourite veggies and crumble on top with a drizzle of honey. Delish!


Have you ever heard of Vitamin K2? No, me neither - but it’s vital for your heart, brain and bones. And guess which cheese was found to have the highest levels? Whilst brie might look like a dietary nightmare, it holds a lot less fat that you’d think because all that creamy goodness is actually from high moisture levels. Why not use some brie and create a healthy soup with broccoli? Quick and easy to whip up - and if you make a big batch that’s lunch sorted for a few days. Nutritious and cost effective – now all that money you’ve saved on lunch can go towards those runners you’ve been eyeing up all month. Winning!

Image credit: Williams-Sonoma via Pinterest

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