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Brusnica Deli | The Verdict

By Rachel Lay
7th Jun 2016

While Eastern Europe may not sit atop many people’s foodie bucket lists, it probably should. The region dishes up much, much more than just cabbage and stew. Often, though, the hardest part of the struggle isn’t just making a commitment to sample new fare, but finding it. Thankfully though, Brusnica Deli in Stones Corner is delivering all the Eastern European goodness to Brisbane.

Immediately, we went straight for the cured meats–an Eastern European staple, we’re told. Brusnica Deli has more salami on offer than we’ve seen elsewhere in Brisbane; their salami game is strong. We opted for the Sarajevo Salami and a Hungarian Salami on recommendation from the deli’s owner. But if we’re being honest, we could have bought the whole lot. Our minds were a blur with visions of our next charcuterie board. There’s also cheese, hock and Eastern European sausages to add some garlic to your next BBQ.

Up next were the pastries. Eastern Europeans know their way around a pastry, that’s for sure. If you haven’t tried their version of pita your life just isn’t complete. Sorry. Perfect with harissa or tzatziki and big cup of Bosnian coffee, it’s really a life changing experience.

If there’s one thing you NEED to try at Brusnica Deli it’s the burek. It’s like a flaky, crumbling, buttery swirl of pastry, cheese and all of the garlic and onions. Get in early to sample them fresh, or grab a bag of homemade bureks from the freezer to eat later. Both delicious options, and you’ll probably want to bring home more than just one. Trust us.

Brusnica Deli also stock Eastern European grocery products like teas, Bosnian coffee beans and lollies from the home land. We recommend snapping up the ‘glog’ tea; obviously it doesn’t sound enticing, but it’s just like peppermint tea taken up a notch, plus you’re learning some new vocab #winning. Make sure you don’t’ leave without Ajvar, a plum spread, to pimp your toast game in the mornings. Of course, there’s also pickled cabbage heads aplenty if that takes your fancy.

All in all, Brusnica Deli is totally worth a visit if you want to up your foodie game and tick off a few ‘must try’ items from Eastern Europe.

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