There’s A New Uber Luxe Retreat Being Built In Tasmania

By James Shackell
14th Jan 2018


Start saving those New Year’s pennies, because we just found your next expensive romantic getaway. It’s called Remarkable Lodge—an uber luxe, cutting-edge $20m retreat being built on the Tasman Peninsula, near Port Arthur.

The Lodge will feature 20 impeccable suites, designed by architect Stuart Tanner and Craig Rosevear, each with views over the Tasman Sea (not to mention any eagles, albatross, cormorants or peregrine falcons that feel like flying past the window).

James Baillie (the property magnate building the whole thing), reckons Tasmania is the perfect spot for a bit of 5-star luxury. “We see a fabulous opportunity to harness Tasmania’s thriving food and beverage offering, including fine wines, island beers, small-batch whiskies and gins, as well as cheeses, oysters, seafood and beef.”

No word yet on who’ll be running the hotel kitchen—but with produce like that, half the work’s done for them.

Remarkable Lodge will feature an in-house restaurant, bar and terrace, plus a bunker-style retreat with spa and indoor pool. Niiiice. Room rates haven’t been set yet, but it’s a fair bet this place will be ‘special occasion only’.  

The Lodge should be up and running by 2020, so watch this space. You can find more info over here

Image credit: Baillie Lodges

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