This Camera Is Taking Your Travel Pics 360

By Simone Jovel
22nd Jan 2018

gopro 360

We hate to break it to you guys. But a selfie is no longer enough to guarantee that double tap. Why? Because 360-degree photography is officially a thing and everything you thought you knew about your feed has changed. Enter: the GoPro 360-degree Fusion camera.

So why is this latest camera so great? Let us tell you. Fusion will capture everything, we’re talking 360-spherical content, that your single-lens cam simply can’t.

It’s also nice and easy to edit with Mobile OverCapture editing for iOS so that even your mum can now make epic travel vids. You can even re-frame and save old school-style videos from the 360-degree vid, we know. It’s (almost) too much.

GoPro Fusion has dropped a limited release and support for Android devices will be coming soon.

Go on. Your followers deserve this.

Still struggling to picture it? Check it out below.

Image credit: Sam Evans for GoPro

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