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We Heart Beer Season! Win a $200 Beer Tab From Blue Moon

By Jessica Pridmore
27th Aug 2014

Summer is nearly here! Don't let those chilly evenings fool you, it's only a matter of weeks before the days get warmer and we all come out of semi-hibernation, looking a little on the pale side, in need of vitamin D and a cleansing Ale. And where there's sunshine there is, naturally, an insatiable urge for a cold beer!

Brisbane's love for a frosty is almost palpable. We like nothing more than kicking back in one of the hundreds of fine watering holes dotted across our fair city and knocking back a cold one with friends. And with the recent surge in craft beers, micro-breweries popping up like nobody's business, and the small bar scene in Brisbane literally putting QLD on the map, it all adds up: We like beer. A lot!

We Heart Beer

A Brewery that certainly loves a good drink as much as the TUL crew is the team at The Blue Moon® Brewing Company, and to celebrate (our albeit slight premature declaration of summertime) they are giving away a carton of Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, AND a round on them at The Port Office Hotel! Read on for your chance to win!

If you haven't tried a Blue Moon® yet, you really need to get on board (It has a fiercely loyal following in the US). Distinct in its taste, Blue Moon® is a year round Ale, perfect for summer — and a real thirst quencher. An artfully crafted Belgian white beer, Blue Moon® has gained a reputation in America as a highly flavourful easy drinking beer — this is certainly a step up from your bog standard tinny.

Inspired by traditional Belgian WitbierBlue Moon® is a subtle take on the Belgian classic. A craft beer, typically brewed using wheat, orange peel and coriander, but with a twist — using Valencia orange peel, versus your standard tart Curaçao orange peel, for a subtle sweetness — Blue Moon® is a beer which takes an, ahem, artistic approach to ingredients and flavor (it's a tad la di da). And let us tell you, those Belgians really do know how to make a great tasting beer!

Unlike it's Belgian counterpart, Blue Moon® is always served with an orange peel garnish to heighten the citrus aroma and taste from the Valencia orange peel used to brew the beer. (You have our blessing to call out any bartender who dare not adhere to the Blue Moon® perfect serve ritual!) 

Image Credits: Chaos In The Kitchen, Daniel Maddock         

TUL Note: Today's List Love post is proudly sponsored by Blue Moon® and endorsed by The Urban List. Our sponsored posts will never be a secret - the List Love seal will be stamped on any sponsored material you see on the site. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible.

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