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We Try Brisbane’s New Gourmet Food Delivery Service

By Desta Cullen
27th Aug 2014

As much as we love dining out there's nothing like a scrummy, Instagram-worthy home cooked meal to make us feel like we've got this whole 'being an adult' thing in the bag. 

But it can be difficult to find the time or the inspo to cook for yourself, let alone to create something that's tasty, good for you, and will impress your girlfriend/kids/parents-in-law. So when we found out about food delivery in Brisbane that takes all the effort out of gourmet home cooked meals, it was triumphant fist pumps all round. 

Mahlzeit Catering (pronounced mal-site, it's German for mealtime) have, until recently, been dominating the corporate and private catering scene with their fine-dining cuisine. Not your average pigs-in-blankets type caterer, Mahlzeit will take care of everything for your next private party — professional chef included!   

But now they're bringing their gourmet meals straight to you with their AT HOME food delivery for Brisbane locals.    

These are no frozen and tasteless meals like the ones lining the bores-ville supermarket shelves, either. This Brisbane home delivery service uses local, seasonal ingredients and is freshly prepared then vacuumed sealed so everything you're eating is fresh, fresh, fresh. 

Not only is Mahlzeit Catering's AT HOME range the perfect remedy for those with time-poor-itis, but the meals are so gourmet and delish, it's like you have a master chef throwing together a meal every night. 

Because, the fact is, you do! Mahlzeit Catering's owner (and pickling master) Steven Herold is an executive chef who previously manned the burners in Europe's best kitchens, and now, he and his team are bringing that experience to your humble home kitchen. 

Each meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner — in the AT HOME range is made fresh to order and comes as a complete dish, plus the recipes are based on Steven's homestyle faves, and there are vege, gluten free, and dairy-free options for order, too. You can even pick your portion size, and every meal comes with nutritional information. Win for the clean eaters!

All of that home delivered goodness was music to our foodie ears on its own, so imagine how stoked we were to hear that Mahlzeit Catering have recently added their PANTRY range, which includes preserves, jams, and mueslis, and toddler sized meals in their Mummy Meals range to the food delivery mix.  

Forget the last-minute dash to Coles on the way home, and forget the boring meal prep. We've found the easy dining-in solution, and it's called Mahlzeit Catering

Make sure to check out Mahlzeit's great menu for corporate and private catering as well as their AT HOME food delivery to these Brisbane suburbs.

Image Credit: Mahlzeit Catering

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