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What The Heck Is Light Therapy?

By Ash Hopping
14th Sep 2016

Light Therapy Brisbane

Light therapy has been touted as a revolutionary, pain-free way to get gorgeous, glowing skin. But, like the rest of you, we're still kind of perplexed about what this wonder treatment actually involves. And, more importantly, does it hurt?

To get to the bottom of this beauty mystery we spoke to Brisbane beauty therapist Karen Obern, a bona fide Light Therapy whiz kid. Karen’s been working with Light Therapy for over fifteen years, so she’s very well placed to dish. 

She and her team are working their magic in The Loft in West End and Studio Luxe in Teneriffe, and she’s here to tell us why light therapy kicks traditional beauty therapy’s butt.

What is light therapy? 

The basics: light therapy is a dermal treatment for the skin and was originally developed to help speed up the healing process for wounds and post surgery scars, until it was discovered that it’s also totally great for skin rejuvenation.

Karen believes that when it comes to looking and feeling your best, good things take time.

“Sometimes a quick fix is not always the best visual outcome. As far as skin correction e.g pigmentation, ageing or acne, like exercise the reality is it takes more than one treatment.”

How does the treatment work?

One treatment can take as little as thirty minutes or as long as an hour and a half, and will always come with indulgent reflexology or a hand/arm/should massage to make you feel completely comfortable. You can choose between a clear light, reaching 833 nm (nanometers) into the skin, or a red light, reaching 633nm.

What's it good for?

The endless list of benefits from light therapy is actually kind of ridiculous.

"Sessions are basically a boot camp for your skin cells and will slow down the ageing process, speed up the metabolism, trigger collagen, heal sensitivity, discourage acne and reduce unwanted lines."

Phew…is there anything it can't do?

Does it hurt?

"If you have physical muscular or arthritic problems, it can also benefit greatly with pain reduction as the clear light can reach right down to the bone. But don’t be wary — light therapy won’t hurt a bit and is completely non-invasive."

Who should get light therapy?

Karen says Light therapy will benefit literally anyone who receives it and is even suitable for pregnant women. “Believe me, with 2 young children it was my saviour during pregnancy and surviving sleep deprivation with new borns! The light also helps encourage a serotonin response which will lift your mood. It allows your mind to escape, recharge and gives clarity.”

Want to give it a try? To find out more about light therapy, check out their website or give them a call on 3846 0062 (The Loft, West End) or 3252 5032 (Studio Luxe, Teneriffe) to find out about the latest packages.

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