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What Your Lipstick Colour Says About You

By Desta Cullen
13th Oct 2015

Max Made Workshops Westfield

Newsflash: Picking a lipstick shade is about more than what colours you like, my friends.

As with all your choices (coffee, dogs, hangover cures) the colour of the lipstick you pick, says more than you think about who you are as a person!

Legendary make-up artist Max May—the man behind online beauty hub Max Made—is in town for Westfield's 4 Days of Beauty Festival and the Science of Beauty workshops at Carindale, Chermside & Garden City so naturally we took the opportunity to pick his brain about the hottest colours to get on your lips this season. 

Trends are one thing, what your lipstick is saying to the world is a whole other ball game. We bet you’ve never thought about your pigment-toting lips as mini beacons of personality, silently broadcasting to the world, revealing who you are one shade at time!

To help you decode this lipstick colour language, we’ve come up with this highly *scientific* personality test to help you find out what your lipstick colour really says about you.

We see you, bold red lip lady!

Psst....Want to become a bonafide beauty buff in just one hour? Max May is teaming up with local dermatologist Dr Kathryn DeAmbrosis for the super informative workshops called The Science of Beauty!

Over four days (15th to 18th October) the two powerhouses will chat about the best ways to get the most out of your beauty routine, Max’s fave looks of this season, and pass on the tricks of the trade straight to you, you lucky duck. Tickets are just $5, and you’ll get a bag full of expert faves and guilt-free treats, too. Book now though because there’s only two sessions at each centre! Click here for Chermside tickets, here for Garden City, and here for Carindale!

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Image credit: US Fashion Mag

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